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Moving from Japan?

Japan Luggage Express is your International moving company in Japan!

If you are planning an international moving from Japan and looking for reliable and reasonably-priced international movers Japan who can help you ship your personal belongings home, you have come to the right place. We have services of international shipping and moving from Japan to USA (America), Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa and we can help you move from almost anywhere in the country. We are not only specialists in overseas moving services but also specialists in customer satisfaction! Read reviews from many of our satisfied clients who moved with us.

Rates are available starting at 45kg minimum for service by air and one cubic meter minimum for sea shipments. For small packages, rates are available from 1.0 kg with door-to-door courier service.

Shipping and moving from Japan to USA:

Shipping services by sea available to terminals in over 80 cities in America (USA) if you ship door-to-port. Service by air available to most international airports in the USA.

Shipping from Japan:

We can also help you ship the goods you purchased from some online store, shop or company in Japan.

Customs brokerage - Customs Clearance at Narita (Tokyo) Airport

ISF (Importers Security Filing) -10+2 Rules (Moving and shipping to USA)

International moving company - Tokyo, Japan

Established in 1995.

We serve nationwide! Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Kyushu, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Okinawa and everywhere in Japan - all prefectures.

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Moving from overseas to Japan

International shipping from Japan to:

USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Luxemburg, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Malta, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Kuwait, UAE, Poland, Slovenia, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Brunei, Vietnam, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Central America, Hawaii (USA), Guam (USA)

Where is your shipping destination? Contact us and have an idea of the cost of your shipment or move would be.

Worldwide shipping  from Japan

Popular international moving destinations from Japan:

 USA 2) Australia 3) Canada 4) New Zealand 5) UK 6) Indonesia 7) France 8) Netherlands 9) South Africa 10) Hong Kong (China)

With a quite a large number of US American residents in Tokyo and the rest of Japan, and also Japanese people relocating there to study abroad, live with a family or work, the USA is by far the most popular shipping destination. The second popular international removals destination next to America is Australia with most people shipping mainly to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or nearby areas. The third popular international moving destination from Japan is Canada with people shipping to major cities across the country. Among the Asian countries, Indonesia comes first. Shipments to Indonesia outnumbers shipments to Singapore and Thailand, where a number of people from the USA or Europe emigrate to as well. The fact that South Africa is in the top 10 destination countries for moving is significant since the population of people from South Africa residing in Japan is not very large.

Testimonials -New Arrival

I'd like to thank you for your excellent service.
I recently picked up my items in Vancouver, Canada. Everything arrived in perfect condition. I had no trouble at all clearing my items through customs, thanks to your clear instructions on creating the packing lists. Your services are very reasonably priced, and I appreciate your prompt and accurate responses to my many questions throughout the process. I would highly recommend your company to anyone shipping items out of Japan.

Mr. Dave P. (Shipped to Canada)

Both our shipments have been delivered and are in our possession. The sea delivery to South Africa was far faster than we ever expected. I just wanted to thank you for all your help throughout the moving process. Your efficiency and professionalism made the whole process a pleasant experience. Thank you again. I wish you well.

Mr. A.G (Shipped to South Africa)

Why we can offer cheaper shipping rates than other overseas movers.

Traditionally, most international movers in Japan handle only large shipments which consist mostly of pieces of furniture. Therefore, they make a lot of money on a few shipments. We, on the other hand, handle a large number of shipments, making a little profit on each. In addition, many overseas moving companies make their profits from packing and shipping door-to-door and are reluctant to handle small shipments. In fact, people can save a significant amount of money by packing their items themselves, shipping door-to-port and picking up the shipment at the destination terminal. We recommend shipping options that are truly beneficial to our customers, as we understand that price is an important factor when moving or shipping internationally from Japan.

Most of our clients choose us over other shipping companies to reduce their moving expenses, however, by reading the testimonials from our customers who moved with us, you will notice that it is actually personalized service we offer that they appreciate most rather than cheap moving cost.

Are international moving companies' services cheaper than Japan Post?

The truth is that no particular shipping or moving method is cost effective for shipments of all sizes and weights. If you are moving only one or a few small cartons, shipping via Japan Post is definitely the cheapest option. However, postal services have weight/size limitations and shipping charges will increase significantly if you move more than a few small packages. There is a simple reason for this. If postal services' charges were competitive for all shipments, they would take away business from freight forwarders and international moving companies. They are not capable of handling all that large commercial cargo and relocations of individuals, while private cargo shipping companies are not capable of handling numerous small packages. The keyword here is *interdependency*, i.e., the co-existence of postal services and freight forwarders/moving companies. Therefore, so that freight forwarders and JP can coexist, the government sets limits in terms of size and weight for postal services and makes their fees expensive when moving many packages.

For information in Japanese language日本語トップ(Japanese)

Shipping from Japan (shipping of personal belongings home) to worldwide destinations. International freight shipping company from Japan to USA, Europe, Canada, Oceania offering removals/relocation and shipping services at competitive/cheapest prices even for small consignments. English and Japanese languages spoken. Specialists in shipping of personal effects/household goods. Contact us in English for a shipping quote today!

Make the most of this website. - a comprehensive guide for shipping from Japan.

How our Japanese overseas moving company can help you.

Moving across borders is not something one does often. For most people, moving from Japan will be a once in a lifetime experience. This website gives you comprehensive information about international moving from Japan to abroad. We hope you use it to make your move a success. In fact, back in 1998 we had the honor of having the complete contents of our FAQ page quoted in the Japan Times, a major newspaper, when it ran a moving special.

What kind of documents will I need to submit? Will there be any duty or tax that I must pay at the destination? Are the charges calculated by volume or weight? Visit our FAQ page. What will the customs clearance and pickup procedure be if I ship my goods door-to-port? Visit the page “At the destinations”, where many of our customers provide information about their experiences on the other end. Also, note that we will send you more detailed information about shipping at the time of your reservation.

Some basic things to keep in mind when moving from Japan.

Shipping personal goods and/or furniture abroad.

  • Insurance: All-risk air and marine insurance is available. The insurance is valid for items packed by owner as well.
  • Nationwide pickup: We have boxes picked up from clients’ residence doors almost anywhere in Japan. Whether you live in Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Sapporo or Okinawa, our pickup service is available.
  • Professional packing: A packing service (wooden crating/palletizing) is available upon request for pieces of furniture, large household goods or delicate items such as musical instruments and audio equipment.
  • Various Shipping methods: LCL (Less than Container Load/Share-the-container), FCL (Full Container Load), Airfreight (air cargo), Multimodal Transportation and courier.

When you move items internationally as freight, whether they are the personal belongings of an individual moving from Japan and changing domicile or commercial merchandise, they must be cleared through customs in both Japan and the destination country.

An inventory of the goods in each package with a declared value is required for customs clearance purposes. The shipping industry call this a “packing list”. Packing lists are used for marine insurance as well. You may wish to prepare a packing list or at least take note of the contents in each package once you decide to ship your belongings and start packing.

Moving large and heavy pieces of furniture for which you are unable to find suitable packages can be expensive, as you will incur packing fees and other surcharges for the picking up of large pieces of furniture from a residence. In addition, you will need to consider how a large custom-made crate can be delivered to your residence door or to a room and unpacked upon delivery. The fees associated with packing, unpacking and special pickup and delivery of furniture can be high. Therefore, while we offer a service in which we pack large items, we advise that you ship only those items you can pack and that are worth the expenses associated with packing and moving (such as items available only in Japan).

Air Cargo vs. sea freight - Many an international moving company in Japan says that service by air is for urgent shipments, however, with minimum requirement for sea shipping being one cubic meter, shipping by air is actually an economical mode of transport for small moves, therefore, we recommend service by air if you are shipping relatively small amount.

Those who are moving back to their home countries should encounter no issues, but make sure you have a proper visa for the destination country to which you ship your personal property. US customs, for example, will not allow the entry of a consignment of personal items if the owner of the goods does not have a proper visa for moving to the U.S. In some countries, import duty and tax may be imposed.

Foodstuffs are typically not accepted for carriage even if they are something that can be imported to the country of destination.

Shipping furniture from Japan - Contact us and learn how to ship large items or heavy items using the services of an international freight shipping company. Many large items that post offices do not accept can be sent as cargo.

You will receive a reply to moving inquiries you send from this web page generally within 24 hours. If you would like to receive a shipping estimate or if you have questions about your upcoming move, please contact us by using the online inquiry form or give us a call in English during business hours.

Preparing for and understanding the entire procedure are two major factors that will make or break your moving experience. Prepare early. We hope that your experience of moving from Japan will be a pleasant one and that we can help you bring along your memories of your time in the country.

What's new.

Effective April 1, 2017, the United Kingdom customs introduced a new way of declaring unaccompanied personal effects being shipped there from outside the European Union countries and one needs to fill in the ToR01 form and obtain a Unique Declaration Number (UDN) before moving from Japan. This form is available on UK customs website. An approval by the customs makes it possible for clients to bring in household goods and personal effects from outside the EU countries without paying duty/tax.

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With the assistance of our international moving company Tokyo, you can efficiently plan your move from Tokyo to worldwide destinations. If you need an affordable international moving company in Kyoto area we can easily arrange pickup in Kyoto and shipping out of Kansai to major shipping destinations worldwide. Further more even if you need an international movers in Okinawa, we can efficiently arrange shipping from Okinawa.

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