ISF(Importers Security Filing) 10+2 Rules

We are ready to help you fulfill your ISF requirement needs.

The new rule in the U.S.A, titled "Import Security Filing"(Importers Security Filing) or "10+2 rules" went into effect on January 26, 2010.

For security purposes, each client shipping to the US by sea is now required to file information to CBP or US Customs and Border Protection (Agency).
ISF are required to be transmitted electronically to the agency(CBP) at least 24 hours before the shipment is loaded onto a ship leaving (Japan) for the US.
Failure to comply with this rule could result in monetary penalty and seizure of the shipment at the US port.

ISF submission is necessary whether you are moving to the USA from Japan and shipping your personal items or shipping commercial goods.

ISF is applicable only when you are shipping from Japan to USA by sea. Air shipments are not subject to this rule.

Our international moving company, Japan Luggage Express, offers the services of ISF submission to the US Customs and Border Protection Agency for those who are moving Japan to America or shipping merchandise.


Who is responsible for supplying ISF data to CBP?
Each client (the importer) needs to ensure compliances.

Who will submit ISF information to CBP?

Customers can choose either a customs broker in the US, preferably a company in the city of the final destination of your shipment or a shipping company like ourselves.

Is there penalty if I do not submit ISF data?
Commencing on January 26, 2010, US customs will assessing a penalty of $5,000 for non compliance.

Can Japan Luggage Express submit ISF data to the customs?

Yes, we can provide the services of ISF data submission on your behalf. The charge for this is Y3,500 per shipment for the customers who are shipping unaccompanied personal effects with us. *Shipment refers to all the packages shipped at one time.

Is it possible to use your ISF data submission service even if I am moving with another shipping company?
Yes, it is still possible to use our ISF data submission services if you are using the services of another shipping company.
The charge for ISF submission alone is Y4,500.

What are the 10 items needed to be supplied by the ISF importer?

1. Importer of record number
2. Consignee number
3. Seller (Owner) name/address
4. Buyer (Owner) name/address
5. Ship to Party
6. Manufacturer (Supplier) name/address
7. Country of origin
8. Commodity HTS-6
9. Container Stuffing location
10. Consolidator name/address

If the commodity is unaccompanied personal effects, it is much more simple. Your name, addresses in Japan and in the USA, and passport number, date of birth are the only information that are needed.

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