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Looking for international moving to the UK from Japan? If you are moving back to the UK and need to ship your personal belongings from Japan, you’re in the right place. The United Kingdom is a very popular moving destination from Japan and Japan Luggage Express has dedicated more than 27 years to helping people moving to or moving back to the United Kingdom. Read our guide on how to ship your personal goods from Japan to the UK below and start your overseas move with us. We offer two shipping options when moving household goods to the UK - they are service by air and service by sea.

How Much Does it Cost to Move to the UK from Japan?

To start your international moving from Japan to the United Kingdom, you need to begin with getting a shipping quote. When you are shipping by sea you will be charged by the amount of space used by your shipment with the exception of cargo with extremely high weight density. If you opt to send by air, you will be charged by the weight of your packages with the exception of shipments with low weight density, in which case the volume will also be a pricing factor. Generally air freight service is less expensive when shipping a small amount. Both sea and air freight charges for moving from Japan to the UK depend on specific factors to your shipment. With this in mind, we will create custom made quotes for inquiries.

Shipping Rates to the UK/Ireland by air

Airfreight charges - rate per kilogram(As of October, 2019)

London (Heathrow) 900 yen per kilogram
Other international Airports* 980 yen per kilogram

*Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin

Door-to-door service (residential delivery) is available to many parts of the UK.

The minimum weight for service by air is 45kgs. Shipments weighing less than the minimum 45kgs will be shipped as 45kgs.

Local charges on the UK side/destination charges are not included in our rate tariff (above).

Destination charges refer to the charges that are payable at the destination airports such as airlines' handling charge, terminal charges for using the airport facility, charges related to customs clearance and delivery or the alike on the UK/Ireland sides.

The charges for air shipments are calculated by both their actual gross weight and their volumetric weight (also known as dimensional weight), that is, the volume of a consignment will be taken into consideration as well as the actual gross weight when calculating the air freight charges. To learn how to calculate volumetric weight, please refer to the section of volumetric weight on our web page of service by air.

Fuel and/or security surcharge may be added.

JLE Handling including customs clearance charge on the Japan side: Y5,900 per shipment

Pickup charge in Japan:

We can arrange collection from anywhere in Japan. The charge for collection is free for Tokyo Metropolitan area (23 wards area), some areas in Kanagawa prefecture and Funabashi, Urayasu, Narita and Narashino areas in Chiba prefecture. Out-of-area pickup charge is Y50 to Y250 per kilogram. We collect from your residence door and you can use our services whether you live in Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka or Okinawa.

Insurance (Optional) :

We can arrange marine and air insurance (moving insurance) against loss and damage of international shipments. One of the required documents when shipping from Japan is a document called packing list in which you declare the contents of each package together with description of the goods, quantity and amount in each package. The packing list is used for customs clearance purposes as well as insurance purposes. The insurance premium is 1.5 percent of the total value you declare on your packing list with the minimum premium of Y3,300.

Example of calculation on the charges:

55kgs to London: Y900 x 55 + 5,900 = Y55,400 (Insurance and pickup charges are not included)

If you are shipping luggage from Japan to the UK and there are only a few to several packages it can be less expensive to ship by air.

We also offer shipping services for shipping commercial cargos for people and companies who are not moving from Japan.

All rates, charges and fees are subject to change at any time. Please contact our office for current information.

Rates for shipping by sea to UK and Ireland

Service by sea is available to: Southampton (England) and Dublin, Ireland

Please contact us and ask for a shipping quote to the UK. We will gladly send you a quotation by email.

Door-to-door services for both air and sea shipments are available to most parts of the UK. Ocean shipments will be cleared through UK customs in Southampton and delivery will be arranged to a UK address.

Container shipping service Japan to UK (consolidation service) is available basically every week.

Shipping furniture from Japan to the UK

If you are shipping some pieces of furniture from Japan to the UK, note that wooden crates would have to be made. We offer the services of making crates for household furniture for international shipping in Tokyo, Osaka and some other areas. When shipping wooden crates internationally, fumigated wooden materials which meets ISPM15 or plywood need to be used.

Shipping Personal Effects from Japan

If you are moving from Japan to the UK, your personal effects can be imported duty and tax free provided that you have owned and used them for over a period of six months. Note, however, that they must be imported to the UK within a year of your move to UK from Japan. It used be that you simply needed to complete the C3 form and submit it to the customs after the shipment arrives in the UK to seek free entry, however, effective January, 2017, the owner of the goods must apply for a Transfer of Residence (ToR) online. By getting an approval from the UK customs, you can bring in your personal effects with relief from duty/tax where applicable. Once it is approved, Unique Reference Number (URN) will be given and you need to pass on to UK customs. Principally this needs to be done prior to shipping. C3 became obsolete in March, 2017.

Having said that this ToR (ToR1) is a new regulation and one must make an application prior to shipping, the reality is that majority of people moving to the UK from around the world are not quite aware of this and shipments often arrive in the UK without proper prior arrangements. The UK customs seem to be generous about people not applying for ToR1 prior to their moves and have them make an application after the shipments arrive and normally they do not have to pay duty/tax if they are qualified for duty/tax relief even if they failed to apply for ToR1. It is, however, highly advisable to make an application beforehand since they have rights to impose you duty/tax if you do not make an arrangement for ToR1.

What should I know before I move from Japan to the UK?

The United Kingdom is a popular destination for Japanese tourists and students, and many love it so much they decide to move there permanently. The UK comprises England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. It is the birthplace of The Beatles, fish and chips, William Shakespeare, pubs and unpronounceable (even to native English speakers!) Welsh towns like “Llanllwni” and “Plwmp”. Whether you’re looking to move to the UK from Japan for work, to study, to start a family, or simply to explore, there are a few things you should know before embarking on your journey.

  1. 1. There’s much more to the UK than England. Many non-Brits mistakenly refer to the UK, Britain, and England interchangeably. But Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have a lot to offer, too. From the tranquil lochs of Scotland and the buzzing nightlife of London, to the ancient castles in Caerphilly, Wales, the United Kingdom offers variety and excitement no matter where you visit or decide to call home.
  2. 2. Social “rules” are much more relaxed in the UK. You would never think of eating or drinking as you walk down the street or eat on a busy train in Japan, but British people are happy for you to do so (provided it’s not something with an unappetising smell!) and won’t look twice.
  3. 3. If you love beer, you’ll fit right in. If you are no stranger to meeting with friends to talk over a beer after work, you’ll find that culture in Britain, too, especially in large cities like London.
  4. 4. British sense of humour can take some getting used to! British sense of humour is extremely dry, self-deprecating, and sarcastic. Sometimes to the point that it is lost on other British people, so don’t worry if you miss the context every once in a while especially if you have just moved to the UK from Japan! Learning how to navigate this parodic way of speaking will win points with the locals, especially if you’re in London!
  5. 5. Lunch options simply do not compare. If you love the convenience of walking into a konbini to find fresh, healthy bento boxes and other options in Japan, you’re going to be disappointed unless you’re in a city center. The average convenience store in towns further from the city will offer little more than a BLT sandwich (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) or a pasta pot.
  6. 6. Trains are generally expensive in the UK. While the London tube (metro) is cheap, inter-city trains are far more expensive than in Japan, so renting a car is always a good option if you want to travel!
  7. 7. The UK is a safe place to live, but you need to be more aware than in Japan. One of the biggest shocks Brits experience in Japan is that people will simply leave their possessions behind when they go to the bathroom in a café, or won’t use a bike chain to secure their bike. Most areas of Britain are safe, and you don’t have to watch for pickpockets like you do in France, but you should be wary of leaving your possessions unattended. Lock up your bike and ask someone at a neighbouring table to watch your laptop when you leave it at your table.
  8. 8. Work-life balance is often better than in Japan. Workaholics are plentiful in the UK like in today’s Japan, but once you have moved to the UK, you will find that the culture overall is much more relaxed. You can find companies to work for that value work-life balance, so find one that matches your values.
  9. 9. The seasons are more distinct than some areas of Japan, and the climate more temperate. Japan tends to have hotter summers and colder winters, with plenty of snow in the north. The UK experiences frequent drizzle, regardless of the season, and rarely snow.
  10. 10. British cities are very culturally diverse. London, the most popular moving destination in the UK from Japan, is known as one of the most diverse cities globally, with notable influences from India, Italy, Scandinavia, China, the West Indies and countless African countries in its music, food and art. But London isn’t the only option if you’re looking to move to an exciting and diverse city; Birmingham, Glasgow, Leicester, Brighton and Liverpool are all great places to find diversity.

Overall, the U.K is a fantastic place to emigrate from Japan. Generally, Brits are friendly, they have a very similar sense of modesty and “properness”, and with the knowledge of the differences and similarities between Japan and the UK, you’ll fit in right away!

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