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Moving from Japan to Canada? Japan Luggage Express Ltd. can arrange shipping of your personal effects/household goods(furniture) from Japan to major Canadian cities. When you are shipping from Japan to Canada, there are two options. One is service by air and the other is service by sea.. To Canadian destinations minimum weight for air consignments is 45kgs and the minimum volume for sea consignments is basically one cubic meter. (For some destinations, it is 1.5 cubic meters.). Note that if your shipment is relatively small, for example, if you are shipping 50kgs or70kgs, it will be less expensive to ship by air than by sea. We can arrange pickup anywhere in Japan.

Moving to Canada from Japan - Some important points:

Canadian customs regulations stipulate that the owner of the goods must be in the country of Canada to custom clear the shipment and receive them. If you are shipping personal effects from Japan to Canada and are not going to be in Canada at the time of the arrival of the shipment and would like your family member to custom clear and receive the shipment, please contact Canadian customs office and seek advice.

When you are moving from Japan to Canada and importing your personal belongings,Canadian border Services Agency (CBSA) will be involved in the process.In some cases, Citizenship and Immigration Canada might be involved with the process as well.

As mentioned above, customs brokers or international moving company are not authorized to present the necessary documents on behalf of the individuals to custom clear their shipments from Japan. Individuals need to declare their personal effects in person by going to the customs office. CBSA likes taking the opportunity to interviewing Canadian residents who have been outside the country and those who are settling in Canada to determine admissibility.

If you are entering to Canada with the intension of residing there for over 12 months or coming for employment for a period of more than three years, your personal belongings can be imported free of import duty and tax provided that you have owned them and used them for over a certain period of time. If you are a returning resident, the conditions may be those applicable to former Canadian resident or returning resident.

Shipping Furniture from Japan to Canada

If you are shipping some pieces of furniture, it will be necessary to have them crated unless you are able to find suitable boxes for them. Normally it can be hard to find suitable boxes for shipping items such as tansu, shoji screens, sofas etc. We can arrange custom-crating for large items in Tokyo and Osaka area at additional charge.

About Canada

With ten provinces Canada occupies most of the Northern part of North America and is a popular place to live and travel. This is a bilingual nation with French and English the order of the day. In Canada the outdoor lifestyle appeals to many visitors but there are cosmopolitan cities too.
You’ll find world class healthcare systems and superb schools and universities. For many people a city like Toronto is a great base with museums, culture, shopping and superb scenery within a short distance. You’ll find history in Quebec City and a French aspect to daily life or head to Montreal for museums, theatres and more. There is the dramatic Niagara Falls and the island beauty of Nova Scotia. Canada is famed for the spectacular Rockies which are ideal for hiking and skiing. Places like Whistler and Lake Louise are renowned for the mountain scenery and sports. Why not take the Rocky Mountaineer across Canada for a breath-taking journey. The prairies are another dramatic feature in Canada with wide open spaces. The cities of Winnipeg and Manitoba are renowned for their heritage and you’ll enjoy places like Calgary for the Stampede. In Canada you’ll find chic city apartments and town houses but you can discover places in rural areas too. From Prince Edward Island to Ottawa there is something for everyone in Canada. You’ll find fabulous seafood restaurants and amazing landscapes to enjoy. Whether you enjoy the beaches and coastline in Vancouver or would prefer the chilly Yukon, Canada has an amazing array of experiences. Canada really is a land of opportunity and whether you want to ride out on a cowboy ranch or study in Montreal you’ll enjoy a move here. Why not check out this wonderful nation today.

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Great things about Canada

If you are strongly considering visiting or even internationally moving to Canada, there are a number of big reasons that you should put it towards the top of your desired overseas moving destinations. There are a number of great things about Canada especially staying and living in the country. Here are some of the top examples of what makes Canada great.

Wilderness: spending time in Canada's cottage country can be an extremely rewarding experience. Canada is home to over 3 million lakes and has over a third of the world's freshwater. This means that heading out into nature is a real distinct possibility and living off of the land can be a therapeutic experience even if it's just for a couple days. Ontario's Lake District in the Muskoka's is rated amongst the top summer destinations in the world.

Clean and fresh air: with so much natural space and a commitment to environmentalism Canada has some of the cleanest air on the planet. Canada placed third for the cleanest air on the planet and even Canada's most populated cities can contain just 13 μg of PM 10 particles per cubic meter which is astounding when we compare some of the worlds other populated cities and their air quality.

Polite: Canadians are well known for their polite nature and this can be found across the entire nation. People are friendly and extremely welcoming to travelers and internationals. Over 90% of Canadians will hold the door for someone or apologize if a stranger bumps into them. It's this polite nature that makes traveling and staying in Canada such a pleasure.

It's affordable: living in Canada is actually surprisingly affordable especially when it comes to healthcare. Drugs and healthcare are inexpensive, housing is relatively cheap and the Canadian dollar also offers a competitive exchange rate for many countries. Visiting or staying in Canada could be a very positive experience for people around the world due to its affordability.

Safety: Canada has one of the safest nations on earth with a relatively low crime rate in most major cities and strict gun control laws.

For these reasons and more Canada is a great place to internationally move to!

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