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Shipping rates are available from the minimum weight of 45kgs for
air shipments and the minimum volume of one cubic meter for sea shipments.
Shipments under minimum weight/volume meter can be shipped as 45kgs(Air) or one
cubic meter(Sea).
Although it depends on the destination, for a small shipment (such as a shipment of up to 50 or 70kgs), it will be less expensive by air than by sea.
One cubic meter of personal belongings generally weighs somewhere between 130kgs to 260kgs. One cubic meter is the volume of one ton of pure water.

*Presently we do not handle car shipments.

In regards to the necessity of the content of questions on this page such as e-mail, address, telephone number and other personal information, please allow us to explain that the purpose of this information is to merely to allow us to ask questions of and contact our customers, or alternatively, inform customers of estimates, charges, etc.
This information will under no circumstances be sold or given to third parties
not associated with Japan Luggage Express without the customer's express consent.

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