Rates for Service by SEA

Rates for Service by SEARates for Service by SEA

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Rates are available from the minimum volume of one cubic meter*

How the charges for international move from Japan will be calculated.
You will be charged based on the space occupied by your shipment in the container.The volume will be used in calculating ocean freight charges and the cubic meter is the unit of volume. One cubic meter equals 35.3 cubic feet. The minimum volume for all international ocean carriers is one cubic meter and if the total volume of a consignment is less than one cubic meter, then the chargeable volume is one cubic meter.
Weight of cargo is not a pricing factor in international SEA shipping with the exception of extremely heavy cargo.

Pricing System
Some of charges related to ocean shipping are on a per shipment basis, (a shipment refers to all the boxes shipped together at the same time.) while the sea freight charge itself is calculated by the volume. By this we mean some of the charges comprising the charges are the same regardless of the volume. For example, customs clearance charge is the same whether you are shipping one cubic meter or shipping 20 cubic meters. Therefore, the charges for each additional cubic meter will be less expensive than first cubic meter. By this we mean the charge will not be doubled when shipping two cubic meters than when shipping one cubic meter. Thus, the charges are more reasonable when you move a large amount.

This is one of the reasons why people choose international shipping companies for moving from Japan especially when they are shipping a number of packages whose volume are close to or over 1 cubic meter while it is less expensive to ship by Japan Post if shipping only one or two packages. If you get confused, do not worry! We will send you a shipping quote which is self-explanatory and very easy to understand.

Frequency of ships departure
Weekly service is available from Japan to most destinations around the world. (To some destinations, the service is available biweekly or semiweekly.)

Service to inland cities
Services by sea are available to inland cities in the USA, Canada and some countries in Europe. For such destinations, shipments are transported to the port first such as Vancouver, Los Angeles, Le Havre (France), Rotterdam and they will be transported by rail or truck to the terminals in the final destination cities. Such service is called *Multimodal Transport*.

Door-to-port service is highly recommended as this will be far less expensive than door-to-door.

Complete Destination List

Please note:
・We do not handle car shipments.
・Services are not available to African countries except South Africa.
・Door-to-door service is available to the following countries at additional charge: U.K., Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A., Netherlands, Hong Kong

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