Air Cargo Tracking

Once the airwaybill for your air shipment is issued and the booking made, your shipment can be traced with the airwaybill number. Click on the airline name and visit the air cargo tracking site of the airline.

To trace your shipment, you need an airwaybill number (AWB number). An airwaybill number consists of 11 digits, e.g., 131-12345678. The first three digits are called the “Airline Prefix” and each airline prefix stands for a particular airline. In this example, 131 are the three digits or the airline prefix for Japan Airlines. Likewise, 001 is the airline prefix for American Airlines, while 016 stands for United Airlines. You will notice that the same airline prefixes are used on airline tickets.

Note: We cannot provide additional information which is different from the response you receive from the airline. There are some airlines that do not provide tracking services. Flight schedules are subject to change.

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