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This website is being owned and operated by Japan Luggage Express Ltd which provides the services of shipping and moving from Japan to almost everywhere in the world. This Privacy Policy will preside over all privacy or security issues that might possibly arise in relation to your access to and use of our website or use of its shipping and related services that are available through this website. Please carefully and thoroughly review this Privacy Policy before using this website. If you do not consent to this Privacy Policy, you may not use this website.

This Privacy Policy shall be considered as part of your full agreement with Japan Luggage Express Ltd. When you access this website or use any feature/services being offered on this website, Japan Luggage Express shall be entitled to collect, process, retain, share, or disclose your personal information as provided in this Privacy Policy.

For the purpose of this Privacy Statement, the term, Personal Information, as described in Japanese personal information protection law pertains to any information that can be used with or without other information to uniquely refers to, identify, contact or locate you. For example, your name, contact number, and address will be your personal information from domestic perspective. When considered from an international point of view, your passport number, date of birth, and current as well as the destination address will be more relevant examples of your personal information. Please acknowledge that Japan Luggage Express Ltd is an international shipping company and our Privacy Policy may be relatively different than companies that operate solely within their national boundaries.


This Privacy Policy will not apply to third party website or any services that are not being owned or controlled by Japan Luggage Express Ltd. This Privacy Policy will also not apply to anything that we may collect from publicly shared information on social media or offline sources. Japan Luggage Express reserves a right to use your shared or offline information for its business promotion.

We will take every commercially reasonable effort to ensure that your personal information on this website remains confidential and our privacy practices adhere to the personal information protection laws and similar legislations in your jurisdiction. However, you should acknowledge that this Privacy Policy may have certain inconsistencies with the privacy laws in other countries. Consenting to this Privacy Policy shall be deemed that you have read this Privacy Statement, understand your privacy rights on this website, and waive any inconsistency with the applicable privacy laws in your jurisdiction.

When and what we may collect

We will collect only collect that much information what may be required to send you our shipping quotes, work on the actual shipment, and improve your shipping experience on this website. We will always use legal and appropriate methods to collect your personal information.

Use of Cookies

We do not use any cookies or tracking tools for collecting your identifiable information on this website. However, we may use cookies to collect some non-identifiable information such as your device type, operating system, settings and preferences, browser type, IP address, entry and exit pages, and other data related to your use of the Services. Third party service providers may be employing their own cookies to track your use of their services.

If you are not comfortable with the use of cookies, you may change the configuration settings of your web browser to get notified when any cookie is being sent to your computer or reject all cookies from this website. The configuration settings may differ across browsers, so please refer your browser’s manual or knowledgebase to learn the correct way to modify cookies.

However, you should acknowledge that cookies are very instrumental in resolving technical issues and making this website function properly. If you reject cookies from this website, certain features may not be available or you may not be able to use this website at all.

How we may use your information

We mainly collect your personal information for quickly process your transactions and effectively communicate when required. Your personal information may be compiled in the form of a shipping document and shared with the collaborating partners, service providers, affiliates, custom offices, and other third parties who need the document for processing your shipment. Some information may also be shared or provided to the customs offices by phone, fax, email, or other media. We may use your personal information for the following purposes:

Sharing and Disclosure

Japan Luggage Express Ltd shall be entitled to share your personal information with its trusted partners, service providers, and other third parties in relation to the services being offered on this website. For example, we may share your personal information with packaging companies, packaging materials suppliers, domestic transporters, airlines, ocean carriers, marine or air insurance companies, customs offices, customs brokers, and other government bodies, companies or organizations that make it possible to ship your goods in a hassle-free manner or require information to help you move from Japan to almost anywhere in the world.

As a policy, Japan Luggage Express will not share any additional information with such third parties except what may be required for handling your shipment. When sharing your personal information with our hosting partners, service providers, and other third parties who make it possible to smoothly run this website, conduct our shipping and related business, and perform/deliver the requested services by our users and clients, we will take reasonable efforts to ensure that your privacy is not compromised. All such third parties will be obligated to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information. When feasible, your personal information will be aggregated to make it anonymous before sharing with the service providers and other third parties.

We will never sell, lease, share, or disclose your personal information to the marketing companies or other third party service providers unless you consent to receive custom offers and special deals from such third parties. You can revoke your consent, in case you have already consented, by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such commercial emails.

However, Japan Luggage Express reserves a right to share or disclose any record, communication, personal identity, information or content to relevant authorities or other third parties when it believes that such disclosure is necessary to comply with the legal processes, enforce the site policies, or protect its rights, property or safety. When permitted and/or required by applicable laws, we may disclose your personal information to the government bodies, courts, and law offices.

Resumes:when you fill out an online form on this website to apply for any position in our company, the submitted profile shall be deemed as non-confidential information. However, we will never use your submitted resume for marketing or any other purposes regardless whether you directly submit your resume or we receive such applications through job magazine or other third party websites.


We have implemented every feasible security procedure and protocol to ensure that your personal information on this website is never compromised. We regularly review these security procedures and protocols.

When contracting third party vendors or service providers, we always prefer reputed and experienced companies who have excelled in their abilities to handle their operations.

We never collect or retain your credit card numbers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Japan Luggage Express Ltd reserves a right to modify or replace this Privacy Policy in its sole discretion. If any such modifications take place to reflect the changed business or legal requirements, we will publish an update on this Page and take commercially reasonable efforts to inform you.

Once notified, the modified Privacy Policy will replace and supersede all previous versions of this Privacy Policy. Continued access or use of any services being offered or made available on this website shall be deemed as your consent to accept and abide by the latest version of this Privacy Policy.

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