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When moving from Japan to Mainland Europe, the United Kingdom or Scandinavia, consider using our shipping and moving services.We offer international shipping services from Japan by both sea and air at competitive charges to European countries.

For shipping to Europe, services are available to the following countries:

UK  |  Ireland  |  Germany  |  France  |  Netherlands  |  Austria  |  Spain  |  Italy  |  Sweden  |  Denmark  |  Norway  |  Finland  |  Hungary  |  Bulgaria  |  Romania  |  Switzerland  |  Scotland  |  Luxemburg  |  Belgium  |  Malta  |  Portugal |  Poland  |  Slovenia  |  Estonia  |  Bosnia & Herzegovina  |  Macedonia  |  Russia  |

We can accommodate your needs for shipping a large number of boxes, however, for small shipments, as we reiterate on this website, we recommend services by air as it can be less expensive especially if you are shipping only are few or several packages which are small and light.

Europe has a number of major ports such as Southampton, Hamburg, Le Havre, Gothenburg and Rotterdam. Service by sea is also available to countries which do not have sea ports, for example, Hungary, Switzerland and Bulgaria.

Whilst this website provides comprehensive information on shipping and moving from Japan, if you have any questions or would like to know more about our charges, please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

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