Double-Walled Cardboard Boxes

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*The phone number must be the one in Japan and must begin with 0(zero).Please do not write a Japanese number beginning with 81 or +81 or write an international phone number even if it can be used in Japan.


Deliver to*:
*Please include the building name and postal code.

Inner Dimensions (mm) Unit Price Quantity Amount
DC-K-5W (400 x 300 x 300) ¥440
DC-K-6W (450 x 320 x 320) ¥500
DC-K-7W (510 x 360 x 360) ¥550
DC-K-8W (505 x 460 x 340) ¥600
DC-K-9W (665 x 425 x 515) *See Below ¥800
DC-K-10W (795 x 560 x 675) *See Below ¥1,200
BUBBLEWRAP 1.2 x 42 meters ¥4,100
SOFT PLASTIC CHIPS ( 1 Bag ) ¥2,600

* DC-K-9W and DC-K-10W are very large carton boxes. Unless you pack something very light, the weight can become really heavy - sometimes over 70kg or 80kg. Order these boxes only if you are shipping something large but light.

** Handling and delivery of 1,300 is for up to 20 pieces. If you would like to order more than 20 pieces, contact this office for a quote for handling / delivery charges.

1) Allow one or two business days for delivery. The order will be delivered by express parcel service, such as Takkyubin. Allow a few more days for delivery to areas far from Tokyo.
The delivery company will not be able to state the delivery time.
2) Please pay the delivery agent at the time of delivery.
3) Returns or exchanges of the ordered/purchased items are not accepted.
4) The boxes are made for international shipping and are double-layered (double-walled).

Just want to buy boxes? No poblem. You can order them even if you do not use
our shipping services.

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