Moving from Japan to New Zealand

Shipping from Japan to New Zealand

Rates for service by air to New Zealand (unaccompanied personal effects)

Services are available to all three international airports in New Zealand.

Auckland/Christchurch Y850 per kilogram
Wellington Y1550 per kilogram

*It is important to note that although there is service available to Wellington Airport by air, it is more expensive than air services to Auckland/Christchurch.

In calculating the air freight charges it doesn’t matter how many packages you have i.e. the charges are calculated by the total weight/volume.
Air shipments weighing less than 45kgs will be shipped as 45kgs.

To calculate the air shipment cost, the actual gross weight and the so-called volumetric weight (which can also be called dimensional weight) of the packages are used and the airlines will employ the higher of these two as chargeable weight, i.e. the charges for air shipments are calculated using their actual gross weight and their volumetric weight. Volumetric weight is likely to apply when shipping objects low in weight density. Please see more explanation on this in the section of volumetric weight in the page of rates for service by air on this website.

"Destination charges" on the New Zealand side are not included in our charges and they have to be paid separately after the shipment arrives in New Zealand. Destination charges refer to terminal service charge, the airline’s handling charge, storage fee, customs/quarantine inspection fees, the cost of delivering a consignment to a residential address from the airport or any other charges that may be incurred on New Zealand side etc.

Other charges that will be incurred on the Japan side (our handling):
Y5,900 per shipment

Pickup charge:

We also offer the free pickup service in areas like downtown Tokyo (23 wards area) and some part of Chiba area. At an affordable cost, we can arrange pickup from nearly every part of Japan. However, to arrange for pickup services in areas outside the ones mentioned above, there will be a cost ranging from Y50 to Y200/kg depending on the area.

Insurance (Optional):

You will be required to tender the value for the contents on your packing list for customs clearance and insurance purposes.1.5% of the value tendered on your packing list will be the insurance premium. Y3,300 is the minimum-tendered value. To give you an example, for a tendered value of Y500,000, the insurance premium will be Y7,500.Insurance covers loss and damage.

Rate calculation example:

Charges for a shipment with the chargeable weight of 70 kgs to Auckland airport will be Y65,400. (Y850 x 60 + 56,900) We didn’t include the cost of insurance in this calculation – it depends on the value you declare.

The rates and costs of unaccompanied personal effects shipments that will be shipped to New Zealand are listed here. Those for other type of cargo and commercial items are different

Changes in fuel price and security surcharges may affect the price for air shipments, and the rates and charges listed on our website is subject to change. This change can be with or without prior notice.
You can access to updated information regarding our rates and charges. To have this access, kindly fill out the online inquiry form on this website.

Storage service before shipping out the packages is available on the Japan side.

Rates for service by sea to New Zealand

We offer sea shipping services to areas like Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. If you are interested in employing one of our sea services, feel free to fill out the inquiry form and we will happy to send you a shipping quote.

Ensure to make use of sturdy cardboard boxes when packing your consignment for shipping so that your personal belonging will be well-protected. Anything you are planning to ship must be well packed in boxes. In cases where you want to make a wooden box or crate for you shipment yourself, make use of plywood although crating service is normally arranged by our company if you have some large items and want to ship them. The only way other wooden materials can be allowed is if they were fumigated in the method that meets the New Zealand customs and quarantine standards. Contrary to this, other wooden materials should not be used for packing. Avoid using cardboard boxes that has been used to pack any kind of perishables before. Such boxes are likely to cause quarantine troubles during customs clearance in New Zealand once the shipment arrives there even if they have left Japan without any problem. New Zealand have laws restricting the importation of foodstuff into the country, although, some foodstuff can be imported. If you considering shipping some foodstuff, contact us in advance for advice and we will gladly be at your service. These foodstuffs can be drinks, medicines and vitamins.

Note that many airlines may not usually accept individual's shipments containing foodstuff.

All rates and charges are subject to change.

New Zealand is a country where people from all over the world move to and hence it is one of the popular moving destinations from Japan as well.
Door-to-door service is available for moving from Japan as well and in fact there are a number of international moving companies in New Zealand specialized in customs clearance and delivery within New Zealand. We offer unswerving services and we also offer delivery services that are available to areas such as Auckland, Hamilton,Tauranga, Wellington, Napier, Nelson Christchurch, Dunedin and elsewhere between. Customs clearance and delivery charges for international moves are relatively reasonable compared with those in other countries.

Personal belongings of citizens of New Zealand returning to New Zealand after being outside of the country for periods over 21 months will be tax free with the exception of items newly bought overseas.*

*If you are a New Zealand passport holder and are moving back to New Zealand within 21 months of leaving the country, duty and tax (GST) will be imposed on items that have been purchased in Japan or in any other countries. This, however, excludes clothing and toiletries for your personal use.
If you are not a New Zealand passport holder and moving to New Zealand without a proper visa that allows you to stay for a long time, you be allowed to bring in clothing, shoes and personal items you wear on yourself without paying duty or tax, but for other items there will be duty and GST.

Restricted items: Generally items intended to be outdoors will be examined in order to make sure that they are free from soils and contaminants. If you are shipping such items as bicycles or camping equipment, please be sure to clear these items before packing them.

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