Shipping a motorcycle from Japan

Shipping a motorcycle from Japan

Motorcycle shipments

We not only handle international move from Japan but also we handle shipping of motorcycles from Japan for those who are moving out of Japan. When shipping a motorcycle, it will be necessary to make a custom-made crate. We can arrange crating in Tokyo after collecting the motorcycle from Tokyo or areas adjacent to Tokyo.

If you reside in an area which is far from Tokyo, we may ask you to deliver the motorcycle to a facility in Tokyo.

A motorcycle will have to be cleared through customs as a general cargo, therefore, they need to be cleared through customs separately from other personal effects.

When clearing a motorcycle through Japanese customs for shipping, the following documents are required:

1) Proof of Deregistration

2) Proof stating that gas and engine oil have been drained from the vehicle. Any format is fine. You can go to a local motorcycle shop and ask them to drain oil/gas and then ask them to issue one. It should be okay as long as it has the shop’s name, address etc. and their company stamp

3)A photo of engine’s serial number

4) A photo of the serial number of the motorcycle

Please note that each country has its own regulations concerning the import of motor vehicles.

United States

Importing a motorcycle which is made for Japanese market is virtually impossible. The motorcycle must conform to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations. EPA’s requirement is that you need to obtain a certificate or a letter stating that the motorcycle conforms to the U.S. standards. According to motorcycle manufacturers in Japan they are not able to issue certificates except in the rare cases where the vehicles are made for international market including the USA as most of the motorcycles are made for the Japanese market.

It is normally necessary to clear your motorcycle shipment as general cargo instead of unaccompanied personal effects even if you are moving from Japan.

Every country has its own restrictions and regulations concerning the import of motor vehicles. It is important that you are fully aware of restrictions and regulations of the country where you ship your motorcycle to.

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