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Sailing time by boat to New Zealand

Shipping and moving from Japan by sea

Port-to-port shipping times

Following are the port to port transit times from Japan (Tokyo/Yokohama) i.e., the time it takes from when the vessel (or the container) leaves its port of origin in Japan to when it reaches its final destination port/terminal. If you are shipping from Japan, for most destinations around the world weekly services are available but depending on the destination, the service may be semi-weekly or bi-weekly. A shipment must be cleared through Japanese customs approximately six to ten days prior to departure of the ship. Therefore, the door-to-port shipping time will be about thirteen to seventeen days longer than the port-to-port transit time. In addition, it takes at least a few days to unload the shipments from the container and be delivered to the terminal, so it will be at least a few days later that anything can be done about the shipment after its arrival at the destination. It is also important to note that these are for reference purposes only and the transit times are not guaranteed by Japan Luggage Express or carriers.
As you will notice, port-to-port transit times themselves are short nowadays.

United States (Mainland)
Los Angeles 11
Chicago/Seattle 22
New York 27
Atlanta 30
Dallas 26
Other cities12-30

Vancouver 12
Calgary 17
Toronto 29
Montreal 30
Halifax 40

Southampton (UK) 41
Hamburg 36
Le Havre (France) 38
Paris 50
Rotterdam 40
Vienna 50
Budapest 55
Milan 45
Zurich 54
Gothenburg 45
Australia/ New Zealand
Sydney 21
Melbourne 23
Brisbane 25/32
Auckland 27/30
Wellington 35
Christchurch 35
Fremantle 30

Hong Kong 5
Keelung 3/5
Port Kelang 8
Bangkok 10
Singapore 7
Jakarta 9/14
Incheon/Busan 4
Dalian 7
Shanghai 4
Qingdao 4
Madras 18
Chittagong 20
Karachi 18
New Delhi 39
Penang 12

South America
Durban 33
Johannesburg 35
Port Elizabeth 36

Once again, the above transit times exclude the time needed to process shipments on the Japan side such as customs clearance.
There may be cases where vessels omit ports in Japan to recover delay or delay may be caused by bad weather.
Depending on the departure dates of ships and the time we receive necessary documents in order, it may take much more days.

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