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Moving box for international shipping use

One of the important documents in international shipping is an itemized list of the contents called packing list. When shipping personal effects/household goods, each client is responsible for making a packing list. In packing lists, description, quantity for each item and value must be indicated. As you start packing, you may would like to start making a list of the contents for each package. Please fax or email us the packing list after you complete your packing. You do not have to send it to us at the time of application but at a later stage when you finish packing of all the boxes such as when you finish your packing and you are sure that you will not any more boxes. Majority of our customers send us the packing list after the boxes are collected.
You need to keep a copy of the list yourself since packing list will be needed at the time of customs clearance at the destination as well. Normally in the packing lists you are supposed to declare so-called "fair market value"i.e. the values the goods would go for today on a fair market basis. Often such values are also referred to as "used value" as opposed to replacement value.

Packing List Form (PDF)

While we ask for a *detailed* packing list, there is always a question of how detailed the list should be. Descriptions such as electric appliance would be too general as it can refer to some large items including PC’s, TV’s and refrigerator. Likewise description such as furniture or household items could refer to a wide variety of things. Descriptions such as personal items, souvenirs, mementos, keepsakes are not acceptable because they can mean almost anything. On the other hand, you do not really have to be too meticulous. Some people even write the title of each book but this would not be necessary if you are moving from Japan and shipping them as unaccompanied personal effects. Good, detailed packing list would give customs officers an impression that you are honest and trust worthy. In this sense, it may be very useful once your consignment arrives at the shipping destination.

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