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Countries Japan invaded in World War 2

Solomon Islands

Countries Japan invaded in World War 2

Which countries did the Japan invade during the World War 2?

On December 8, 1941, the United States government declared war on Japan and entered World War II. Japanese troops landed in French Indochina (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia), the Philippines and British Singapore. By April, 1942, the Philippines, Indochina, and Singapore had been occupied by Japanese forces.

The following are the areas that were militarily invaded and occupied by Japanese forces during World War 2.

・Almost all of the coastal areas of the Republic of China

・U.S. territories in the Philippines

・British Hong Kong

・British North Borneo (now part of Malaysia)

・British Protectorate of Sarawak (now  part of Malaysia)

・British Malaya (now Malaysia and Singapore)

・Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia)

・British Burma (now Myanmar)

・U.S. territory islands in the Western Pacific (Guam, Wake Island, etc.)

・Australian Territory of Papua (now Papua New Guinea)

・British West Pacific islands (Solomon Islands, Gilbert Islands, Ellice Islands, etc.)

・Part of the Aleutian Islands, Alaska Territory, U.S.A. (Atka Island, Kiska Island)

With the exception of the coastal area of China, all regions and countries Japan invaded during World War 2 were originally occupied or colonized by European countries or by the United States. There are some nations in Asia that have never been colonized by any European countries, the U.S. or Japan. Thailand is the well-known example  of such countries  that have never been invaded. China was and still is a huge nation and only the coastal area was invaded during WW2 while the area known as Manchuria had been colonized by Empire Japan before WW2 begun.

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