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Can You Ship Earphones from Japan by DHL or Japan Post?

Can You Ship Earphones from Japan by DHL or Japan Post?

Shipping earphones and AirPods from Japan

In today’s global marketplace, consumers frequently purchase electronics from around the world. If you’re considering buying earphones or shipping them from Japan, it’s crucial to understand the shipping regulations that apply to these devices, especially if they contain batteries. Two major shipping options from Japan are Japan Post and DHL. Here’s a breakdown of their policies regarding the shipment of earphones and charging cases.

Japan Post

Japan Post, the primary postal service in Japan, has stringent regulations regarding the shipment of items containing batteries. Specifically, AirPods and other earphones with charging cases face significant restrictions:

  1. Batteries in Air Mail and EMS: Japan Post does not accept and charging cases of ear phones/AirPods for shipping by air mail or EMS (Express Mail Service). This restriction arises because the charging cases contain batteries. According to Japan Post’s policy, batteries can only be shipped if they are integrated into the bodies of devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablet PCs.
  2. Standalone Batteries Prohibited: Batteries that are not integrated into devices cannot be shipped. This rule is in place to prevent potential hazards during air transport, as loose batteries pose a higher risk of short-circuiting and causing fires.


DHL, a global logistics company, also has policies concerning the shipment of items containing batteries. However, they offer more flexibility compared to Japan Post:

  1. Similar Basic Policy: Like Japan Post, DHL generally does not allow the shipment of batteries unless they are contained within devices. However, DHL does provide a pathway for shipping earphones and charging cases under certain conditions.
  2. Shipping Through Agents: Earphones and their charging cases can be shipped via DHL if arrangements are made through specific shipping companies or agents. These intermediaries ensure that all necessary precautions and regulatory requirements are met, allowing for the safe transport of battery-containing devices. If you choose to use DHL, it is advisable to work with a shipping company that is familiar with these regulations to facilitate the process.
  3. Availability Through Our Company: If you’re looking to ship earphones from Japan using DHL, our company can handle the logistics for you. We have the necessary arrangements and partnerships in place to ensure your earphones and charging cases are shipped safely and in compliance with DHL’s policies.


Shipping earphones and their charging cases from Japan requires careful consideration of the regulations set by both Japan Post and DHL. While Japan Post has strict limitations, DHL offers a viable alternative through specific shipping arrangements. By working with knowledgeable shipping companies, you can successfully navigate these regulations and receive your earphones without hassle. If you have any further questions or need assistance with your shipment, feel free to contact us. We are here to help ensure your international purchases arrive safely and on time.

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