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Russian robot escapes from lab-not fake news but

humanoid robot walks away

A Russian robot escapes from lab

It is not fake news but…

According to many Western news outlets, a “Promobot” robot from the Promobot laboratory in Perm, Russia, escaped during a test because the staff at the lab forgot to shut its gate. The robot was recovered 45 minutes later. It had been wandering around on the road and caused a traffic jam.

The escapee, Promobot v2, a humanoid robot under development at the Promobot lab, was designed to move around on its own. As noted, when the staff forgot to close the gate, it got out. The robot wandered around the road near the institute for 40 minutes before its battery ran out and it ended up standing in the middle of the road.

On the day this incident happened, the staff had been teaching the AI robot how to move around independently at the laboratory.

Perhaps it is simply a publicity stunt by the robotic company

A Russian TV channel broadcast news about the escape of the humanoid robot but most media say that the story is simply a publicity stunt by the robotics company to draw attention to its products and make the robot seem more human. In addition, the escape of the humanoid robot was shot by several cameras from different angles. It seems obvious that the staff knew this would happen.

It keeps escaping.

According to the lab, the humanoid robot tried to approach the laboratory’s exit a few weeks after its first escape, although the staff had reprogrammed the AI robot. The lab said that it might need to shut down the robot if it keeps trying to escape. The public is saying that they do not want the lab to shut down and kill the robot, as they feel sorry for it.

The lab’s attempt at attracting publicity may have been quite successful, as many major media outlets reported on the incident.
-This was news in 2016.

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