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Denmark bans COVID vaccine for under 18-fact check

Banning COVID vaccine under 50

Denmark banned the COVID vaccine for children under 18– Fact Check

Did Denmark ban COVID-19 vaccination for people under 50 and children under 18? True or False.

There is alleged news that Denmark banned the COVID-19 vaccine for children under 18 or people under 50. Is this true? It is false.

The disinformation that Denmark banned COVID-19 vaccines for youth under 18 went viral on social media. Many believed that the ban was evidence that vaccines are dangerous.

The “fake news” was not really made out of whole cloth. Rather, it stemmed from a misunderstanding by some people and then spread on social media.

The Danish Health Authority did not say anything about the COVID-19 vaccine for the Omicron variant being dangerous. However, some people, when they heard the news that Denmark had stopped offering vaccination to people under 50, including minors and children, jumped to the conclusion that the reason why it did this was that the vaccine is dangerous.

According to the Danish Health Authority, the target groups of people offered vaccination this fall are as follows:

  • People aged 50 years old and over
  • People under the age of 50 who are at risk of becoming seriously sick. (Based on a personal assessment)
  • Pregnant women
  • Staff in the elderly care, health and medical sector and also works in the sector of social services who contact with patients with high risk.
  • Families of people at high risk

As you see, the Danish Health Authority is offering vaccination to people who are at high risks of becoming seriously sick or people who must avoid contracting with COVID-19 even if they are under the age of 50.

If they consider that COVID-19 vaccine for omicron variant is dangerous, they would not offer the vaccination to these people in the first place.

Danish Government is not banning COVID-19 vaccine on children and people under 50.

They do offer vaccination to children and people under the age of 50 if they are at risk of becoming seriously ill, pregnant women, families of people at high risk and workers in certain sections such as health care and medical are offered vaccine as well.

So there is no way that the Danish government is banning the vaccine or they consider that vaccination is dangerous.

They will also announce a guideline as to which groups aged under 50 will receive vaccination. Danish Health Authority is also offering vaccination on Influenza this fall as well and Influenza vaccine are offered to people who are aged 65 and over.

From July 2022, vaccination was no longer offered for youth under 18 and children including the first injection. The reason is because they concluded that children rarely become seriously ill. (It is still offered to those under 18 based on an individual medical assessment from a doctor.)

・Danish government halted offering COVID-19 vaccination to people under the age of 50 including children because it is very rare that they become seriously sick. –True

・Danish government banned the COVID-19 vaccination on children and people under 50- False

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