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How long does DHL take to ship from Japan to USA?

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How long does DHL take to ship from Japan to USA?

DHL Express shipping typically takes two to four days for delivery from Japan to the US except in the case of an irregularity or a customs inspection during the shipment. The delivery time is largely the same if you use FedEx or UPS.

Normally, shipments leave from the Narita Airport after DHL receives them in its facility in the area. DHL may be able to pick up from a location in downtown Tokyo and forward the shipment to its facility the same day, but if you are shipping from a distant area, it may take a day for DHL to deliver the shipment to its facility. The same applies if you or your shipper uses the services of another domestic courier company for delivery from the origin city in Japan to DHL’s facility.

Once the shipment is delivered to the facility, and provided that it is ready to be shipped with proper documentation such as a commercial invoice and packing list, it will leave the airport in the evening for the US. The flight then will arrive in the US on the same day. In the US, DHL will arrange for forwarding within the US.

Delivery within the US normally takes one to two days. Shipments sent via courier services like DHL, FedEx, and UPS are very unlikely to be inspected by customs in Japan while being exported. Shipments other than express documents may be inspected by customs once the shipment arrives in the US. Also, the possibility that a small shipment will be inspected is low.