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Dangerous goods in International moving by air

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Dangerous Goods in International Moving

List of dangerous goods in household goods and personal effects for shipping by air

So, you’re moving from Japan and shipping your personal effects. When people hear the words “dangerous goods”, they normally think of really hazardous things, like explosives, firecrackers, matches, toxic chemicals, etc. However, some very common items among personal effects and household goods can fall into the category of dangerous goods. You might pack such items, unaware that they fall into the category of dangerous goods when shipped as air cargo.

Some types of dangerous goods are:

1) Items that could explode or start a fire with or without the infliction of some external shocks.

2) Flammable items.

3) Commodities that could cause problems with the operations of the aircraft, e.g., magnets.

4) Items that will increase the likelihood of explosion or fire should the aircraft crash.

5) Potentially dangerous chemicals.

Below is a list of typical dangerous goods that are quite common and that people may pack without knowing about their dangers. This list does not contain commodities for industrial or commercial use, as there are too many of them to include.

Some cosmetics (hair spray, perfume, nail polish, remover, etc.), insecticide, moth repellent, cigarette lighters/matches, wax, candles, oil (for example, aroma oil, lubricating oil for bikes, etc.), oil colors for oil painting, used engines for vehicles or toys (radio-controlled model airplanes, etc.), magnets, speakers (except magnet-shielded ones), ink cartridges, ink pads, Bokuju (Indian ink), ink in general, adhesives, disposable body warmers, camping equipment (associated with fuel, e.g., solid fuel), diving equipment (oxygen cylinders, etc.), charcoal, ornaments made of charcoal, batteries, glue, air pumps for bikes with pressurized air, electrically assisted bikes, incense, moxa, bleach,  polishes, any items that contain batteries.

Speakers -No speakers including magnet-shielded ones are accepted.  (Google Home,  Apple Home Pod etc. have speakers inside.)

Any type of batteries / lithium-ion batteries are not accepted.

Please do not include batteries when shipping mobile phones, laptop computers, digital cameras, flashlights, toys, wireless earbuds, etc. PC’s have CMOS battery on the computer motherboard.

Electric toothbrushes and rice cookers may contain lithium-ion batteries. (These cannot be shipped unless it has been confirmed that they do not contain batteries.)

Please also be careful with lithium-ion batteries that are contained in various types of electronic equipment such as PCs, PC accessories, smartphones, tablet PCs (e.g., iPad), Wacom tablets, FitBit, digital camera, GoPro etc.

If the batteries can and have been removed, please indicate this on the packing list.

Some electric devices can be shipped if the batteries are removed. Also, if you can obtain the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) from the manufacturer, proving that the goods are not classified as dangerous, they can be shipped.

It is important to consider how an item would react in terms of causing an explosion or fire in the event of an air crash as well.

Wiis, PlayStations, Switches, and the like have lithium-ion batteries. In addition, they are subject to export control even if the batteries are removed because of the high-tech parts they contain.