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Shipping car parts from Japan

shipping vehicles parts Japan


Shipping car parts from Japan

Shipping vehicle parts Japan – Bumper, Wheels, used engine etc.

Japanese automobiles are popular overseas and it is natural that there are a number of people who need to import car parts from Japan for their vehicles. If you are importing some car parts from Japan, you first should be aware of customs formalities that are applicable both on the Japan side and at the destination country. To ship out your car parts out of Japan, they first have to be custom cleared and necessary documents must be submitted. Also, at the destination county, the customs imposes taxes and duties and they check for the restricted and prohibited goods. In most countries there are some regulations concerning importing of car parts. It is important that you research the customs regulations, duties and taxes in advance to avoid customs delay.

Is shipping car parts from Japan expensive?

Shipping and importing auto parts from Japan personally can be quite expensive mainly for two reasons. One is that when you ship something internationally as freight there are some charges you would need to pay on a per shipment base regardless of the volume/weight of the shipment. For example, customs clearance charge for export in Japan is Y5,900 per shipment and this is the same whether you are shipping just one wheel or two hundred bumpers. There are other charges that incur regardless of the size such as customs inspection fee, handling charges etc. These would make the charges for small shipment expensive.  Another reason is car parts are quite low in weight density and takes up relatively much space. As you would understand by reading contents on this website, for a small shipment it is generally better to ship by air as it is less expensive. However, for a shipment of low weight density, the volumetric weight will apply and this would make shipping of car parts such as bumpers or wheels quite expensive. Learn more about volumetric weight. As you know, auto parts such as bumper or wheels would take much space although they may weigh very little.


Engines and any other car parts that contains or have contained gasoline, oil or lubricant cannot be shipped as air freight as they fall into the category of dangerous goods.

Documents required to custom clear and ship out auto parts

・Commercial invoice indicating the details of the seller(exporter) and the buyer(importer), details of the contents, price of each items etc.

・ A catalog is likely to be required to explain the nature of the goods to the Japan customs.

Shipping car parts Japan to the U.S.A.

If you are shipping car parts/vehicle parts from Japan to the United States by sea, ISF (Importer Security Filing) will be required. Lean more on this page as to what ISF is and what information must be submitted.

Learn what sort of shipping options are available from Japan.