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Breeding Visa in Japan- Fact Check

Zuchtvisum in Japan

Breeding Visa in Japan- Fact Check

Japan Breeding Visa Hoax


There have been rumors circulating online that the Japanese government is issuing “breeding visas” to people overseas in an effort to increase the country’s population. However, these rumors are false. There is no such thing as a “breeding visa” in Japan.

There seem to be a number of people around the world who are searching information on “Breeding visa in Japan” as exemplified by Google Trends which is like “Trends” in Twitter and shows search words in trend. Recently “Breeding Visa in Japan” became one of the top 10 words related to Japan searched on the internet in the US.

The Rumor

Rumors have it that since Japan is facing the problem of decreasing population, Japanese government decided that they would start issuing “breeding visas” for people overseas so that they can come to Japan to help the country increase the population.

The spreading rumor is actually fake news made out of the whole cloth. As you may have seen people discussing this topic on forum sites, the rumor stems from a certain article published on April 1, 2018.  April 1! Yes, it is one of those stories on April Fool’s Day. No other sources have reported the news of Japanese government deciding to issue breeding visa in Japan.

It is quite interesting to see how the hoax spread. Having said so, there do not seem to be people who believe this to be true and spreading the disinformation. If one tries to look for more information, it becomes clear that there is no such visa.

Since the hoax is related to Japan, it would make sense to do some research in Japanese on the internet to rebuke the fake news.

Try searching the Japanese translation or equivalent of breeding visa in Japanese on the internet.  First of all, you will notice there is no Japanese words/terminology which is the equivalent of the English term “breeding visa” in Japanese.

Try yourself using the search word “breeding visa 日本語で” which means “breading visa in Japanese”.  You will see no particular search results related to what you are looking for, maybe some information simply related to visa in general.

Which means: Not only there is no such visas as “breeding visa” in Japan, there is not even a Japanese word which is an equivalent for this English word or even translated word.

If the information is legitimate there should at least be a generic term for it in Japanese also in the first place.

In any case it is true that Japan is facing on-going problem of low birth rate and decrease in population.

The Reality: Legitimate Visas in Japan

In conclusion, there is no such thing as a breeding visa. If you have aspirations to live in Japan, the proper course of action is to apply for a legitimate visa, ensuring that you meet the necessary qualifications and follow the correct channels. Misinformation can be compelling and pervasive, but the truth is always within reach for those who seek it.

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