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Why is Tokyo a good place to live?

Tokyo tower

Why Tokyo is a good place to live

Tokyo is one of the best cities to live in the world.

Tokyo is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world and offers something for everyone. There are so many reasons to consider relocating to Tokyo, whether it’s for a long-term move or a temporary relocation. These are just a few of the top reasons why Tokyo is one of the best places to live, not just in Japan, but also in the world.

There’s always something to do

If you’ve ever visited Tokyo on vacation, you’ll know the city has endless diversions and things to do. Even if you’ve lived in Tokyo for years, you’ll always find something new to do there, with its countless museums, attractions, parks, shops and so much more. As far as dining, there are simply thousands of cafes and restaurants to choose from and shopping is also a fun pastime to enjoy here. Regardless of your living circumstances and budget, you’ll find something to keep you entertained each weekend in Tokyo. The city also welcomes many international events and music tours, so you’ll appreciate living in the capital of Japan for this reason.


While nowhere in the world can be considered completely safe, Tokyo has low rates of crime and theft. Weapons are incredibly uncommon here, as even swords and knives are regulated. You’ll find that regardless of the time of day or night that you are out and about in the city, you’ll feel comfortable walking around even by yourself. In comparison to other major world cities, you’ll generally feel very secure wherever you go.  Some areas of Tokyo are particularly good places to live, as they are very quiet and secure.


Whether you are a Japanese resident or would relocate here as an ex-pat, you’ll be surprised by the sense of community you’ll feel in such a big city. Tokyo is divided into dozens of municipalities, all of which have a strong sense of community. With regular festivals and gatherings in local areas, you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to meet and interact with your neighbors. This is something that’s very uncommon in cities such as New York and is appreciated by individuals who relocate to Tokyo. Thanks to social media, even if Japanese is not your first language, you’ll find groups for ex-pats where you can find meet-ups and gatherings to meet other people new to the city.

Job Opportunities

For most of us, one of the top things to consider when relocating anywhere in the world are the potential job opportunities. Tokyo is fantastic for anyone working in technology, computing, engineering or research. If you are more interested in creative professions, animation and art are also booming industries here. Finally, Tokyo is renowned for its automotive and robotics industries, so if you specialize in either of these areas, there will be plenty of job openings for you to apply for.

Public Transportation

Tokyo is known for its reliable and efficient public transportation system, making getting around the city a breeze. When you’re choosing to live in a city, this is one of the most important considerations, as having your own car is not always realistic. Trains are punctual, and even the smallest of delays will result in an apology. You’ll also find that many employers cover their employee’s transportation costs, which is a fantastic perk of some job roles. The city is also lovely for walking and cycling around, especially at the weekends if you aren’t in a rush to get to work.

Clean and Tidy

In comparison to other major worldwide cities like London and Paris, you’ll be astounded by the cleanliness of Tokyo. You’ll be surprised to notice the distinct lack of trash bins around the city, but most people just take their trash home with them. Street sweepers keep the city well maintained and tidy, and although some areas aren’t as clean and tidy as others, generally the city is very well kept.

Fantastic Dining

Food is one of the biggest draws for tourists and residents in Tokyo. With thousands of restaurants to choose from, you could literally dine somewhere new every day of the week for years to come. Whether you are dining on a budget or looking to enjoy some of the fanciest restaurants in the city, many of which have Michelin stars, you’ll find somewhere to fit your needs. If you need a midday break from work, take advantage of their lunch menus, which offer significant savings.

Tokyo is well connected to the rest of the world

As well as offering good transportation throughout the city, Tokyo has good links to the other major cities in Japan. When you have some time off work, simply jump on a train, and you can enjoy skiing, or visiting the mountains and the sea within a couple of hours. Tokyo has the most international flight connections in the country, so if you need to visit family or friends overseas, you’ll find direct flights to most major worldwide cities.

Festivals and Events

There’s always something going on in Tokyo, so you’ll never be bored during the weekend or in the evenings. Tokyo attracts international artists and festivals, with world-famous singers and performers visiting the city. The festival calendar in Tokyo is also packed with great events, and you’ll appreciate admiring the Japanese traditions that are continued here throughout the year. As far as business, you’ll also see some of the world’s biggest trade shows, including motor shows and anime fairs.


While the center of Tokyo is a typical city with a fast pace of life and many skyscrapers, within the city itself, you can enjoy visiting various parks and hiking. Within a couple of hours, you can take part in mountain sports, visit the seaside and enjoy a break in the forest. It’s so easy to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, so you’ll appreciate the contrast of living in a big city but being able to escape into nature whenever you need to relax.

Tokyo is an incredible city and is a fantastic place to live for residents of all ages. With a strong sense of community and excellent transportation connections, it’s easy to see why so many people never leave the city. There’s constantly something new happening in Tokyo, so you’ll never be bored in this exciting city!



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