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Who can travel to Japan now?

Who can travel to Japan now?

Who can enter Japan? – As of November, 2020.

Corona Virus Border Measures and Entry to Japan:

The Japanese government has now decided to ease entry restrictions for some countries further. People from certain Asian nations are now allowed to travel to Japan for the purpose of business trip and people from more countries will be allowed to stay in Japan for up to 3 days without quarantine of 14 days if they are visiting Japan on business.

Japan has started partially accepting visitors from other countries and the government is aiming to have more visitors to press ahead with Tokyo Olympics / Paralympics in 2021.

Due to the spread of epidemic, COVID-19, Japan is presently refusing entries of visitors from 159 nations and regions.  In July starting with Thailand and Vietnam, Japan resumed partially accepting officials and employees assigned in Japan from these countries. (Subjected to quarantine of 14 days as of July, 2020)

In September Japan agreed on mutually accepting visitors with Singapore and South Korea for a stay of up to about one month and also reached an agreement with Vietnam. It is expected that Japan will reach an agreement with China for both middle term stay and long term stay shortly. Also, In October Japan started accepting international students with the conditions of 14 days quarantine.

Japan is aiming to ease entry restrictions on 30 countries which have strong economic relationship with and that includes the USA. The visitors from these countries will be required to 14 days quarantine and subject to activity restrictions during their stay in Japan. The government is aiming to implement in November but they also need to be careful taking the COVID-19 situation in the USA or Europe into consideration and it may take longer.

Travelers to Japan (those who are staying in Japan on business) are required to submit their plans during their stay in Japan in advance and a certificate verifying that they have a negative PCR  result and they are not allowed to take public transportation or visit places other than the workplaces and accommodations written on their plan. By abiding by these they are exempt from the quarantine of 14 days. People from Singapore and South Korea can enter Japan this way and soon Vietnam will be added.

In addition to Singapore, Vietnam and South Korea, Japan has agreed to accept officials and employees assigned in Japan from the following countries: Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Taiwan, Brunei.

Japanese and Chinese governments are about to agree on mutually accepting visitors under certain conditions shortly.

Under the present situation, the number of counties and regions from where they can travel to Japan is 10.

Q: Is it possible to enter Japan as tourists? 

A: No, presently entering Japan as tourists is not allowed.

Updated Jan 14, 2021

The Japanese government has been allowing the entry of business travelers from 11 countries such as South Korea and China, however, they announced today that they will temporarily suspend this.