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Japan crime rate vs US

japan crime rate vs america

Japan crime rate vs. US

Crime rate in Japan

The crime rate in Japan compared to that of the U.S.

It is easy to believe that there is a significant difference in crime rates between Japan and the U.S. How different are the Japanese and U.S. crime rates? How much safer is Japan than America?

A comparison of the number of crimes per 100,000 people between Japan and the U.S. shows that in 2019, the total number of homicides in Japan was 950, while in the U.S., it was 16,425. The total number of robberies in Japan was 1,511, while in the U.S., it was 267,988. This indicates that even considering the population difference between Japan and the U.S., the crime rate in the U.S. is significantly higher than it is in Japan.

The number of homicides in the U.S. is approximately 25 times higher than the number of homicides in Japan and the number of robberies in the U.S. is 178 times higher than the number of robberies in Japan.

It is also worth noting that firearms are often used in violent crimes in the U.S. It can be said for a fact that firearms boost the number of violent crimes in the U.S. That said, gun restrictions alone do not explain Japan’s low crime rate.

The number of criminal offenses and arrests in Japan

Is Japan really a safe country? Japan might be safer than America but all kinds of crimes are committed in Japan.

Criminal offenses in 2021 totaled 568,104 and arrests were made in 264,485 cases.

Theft accounted for 48.2% of all criminal arrests, followed by assault (13.7%), bodily harm (10.0%), fraud (5.9%), and embezzlement and misappropriation of lost property (5.5%), according to the National Police Agency.

A common misconception is that crime in Japan is increasing or becoming more violent but, statistically speaking, the number of crimes is on a downward trend year after year.

Is Japan the safest country in the world?

Japan’s crime rate is significantly lower than that of the U.S. Does Japan have the lowest crime rate in the world? Though Japan is not ranked as the safest country in the world, it always ranks among the top 10 safest countries. Considering its population, Tokyo is perhaps the safest city among metropolitan cities with a large population. Japan is a much safer place to live than America.

Some facts about crimes in Japan

  1. Low Crime Rate: Japan is known for having a relatively low crime rate compared to many other countries. The overall crime rate in Japan has been declining for the past few decades.
  2. Safe Cities: Several Japanese cities consistently rank among the safest cities in the world. Tokyo, for example, is often considered one of the safest major cities, with low rates of violent crime.
  3. Low Homicide Rate: Japan has one of the lowest homicide rates in the world. The intentional homicide rate in Japan is significantly lower than that of many other developed countries.
  4. Gun Control: Japan has strict gun control laws, and the possession of firearms is highly regulated. This contributes to the low rates of gun-related crimes in the country.
  5. Yakuza: The presence of organized crime groups, known as yakuza, is a unique aspect of Japan’s crime landscape. While the yakuza engage in various illegal activities, they are generally not involved in random acts of violence and tend to focus on their own internal disputes and illegal businesses.
  6. Bicycle Theft: One notable crime concern in Japan is bicycle theft. Bicycles are a popular mode of transportation, and they are often targeted by thieves. It is common for people to lock their bicycles with multiple locks and use designated parking areas to prevent theft.
  7. Low Recidivism Rates: Japan has relatively low rates of repeat offenses among released prisoners. The country emphasizes rehabilitation and reintegration programs for inmates, focusing on education, vocational training, and social support to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

It is important to note that while Japan has a low overall crime rate, no society is entirely free from crime, and it is always essential to exercise caution and follow local laws and customs when visiting or living in any country.

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