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Japan murders per year

Japan murders per year

Japan murders per year

Japan’s Crime Statistics for 2022: A Deep Dive into Murders and Other Key Offenses

The beauty and mystique of Japan are often associated with its rich cultural heritage, technological advances, and cuisine. However, just like any other nation, Japan grapples with crime. Let’s shed some light on the murders per year in Japan, using the statistics and other significant offenses reported in 2022.

Murders in Japan

In 2022, Japan reported a total of 853 recognized murder cases. Out of these, authorities arrested suspects in 817 cases, involving a total of 785 individuals. The close proximity of recognized cases to the number of arrests showcases the efficiency of Japanese law enforcement in investigating and solving murder cases.

Other Significant Crimes

Beyond murder, it’s vital to consider other significant crimes to get a holistic view of the crime scenario in Japan:

  1. Robberies: Japan registered 1,148 robberies, out of which 1,060 cases saw arrests.
  2. Arson: There were 781 recognized cases of arson, with suspects arrested in 644 of those incidents.
  3. Kidnapping & Human Trafficking: This category reported 390 cases, with 369 arrests following these incidents.

Major Theft-Related Offenses

Theft-related offenses are typically high in number and come in various forms:

  1. Housebreaking/Burglary: This was the most significant category, with 36,588 reported cases. Authorities made arrests in 22,139 of these cases.
  2. Vehicle Theft: Japan saw 5,736 cases of vehicle theft, with 2,612 cases resulting in arrests.
  3. Snatching (Purse-snatching or bag-snatching): 716 reported incidents, with arrests made in 414 cases.
  4. Pickpocketing: 1,112 recognized cases, with 521 of these leading to arrests.

Other Notable Crime Arrests in 2022

Japan’s crime panorama is vast and complex. Beyond the highlighted crimes, various other offenses are strictly monitored and prosecuted. Let’s take a closer look at some notable arrests made under specific legal provisions in 2022:

  1. Immigration Control Act (入管法): A total of 4,201 arrests were made under this act, indicating the rigorous checks in place to manage immigration and ensure only those with valid documentation reside in and visit Japan.
  2. Anti-Stalking Act (ストーカー規制法): There were 1,034 arrests made under this provision. Stalking is an unsettling crime, and Japan’s focus on addressing it is evident through these numbers.
  3. Domestic Violence Regulations (Domestic Violence方): Japan made 52 arrests under this regulation. While the number may seem low, it emphasizes the country’s commitment to addressing even the less frequently reported crimes.
  4. Cannabis Control Act (大麻取締法): With 6,491 arrests, it’s clear that Japan has a stringent stance against the illegal possession, use, or trafficking of cannabis.
  5. Firearms and Swords Control Act (銃刀法): Japan reported 5,164 arrests under this act. Given Japan’s strict gun control measures, this reflects the nation’s commitment to curb illegal possession and use of firearms and swords.
  6. Stimulants Control Act (覚せい剤取り締まり): This saw the highest number of arrests at 8,532, pointing to a significant concern around the illegal possession, distribution, or consumption of stimulant drugs.


Japan’s crime statistics for 2022 show that the nation has an effective system in place for recognizing and addressing various criminal activities. The high rate of arrests in relation to reported cases, especially in murders, is indicative of the commendable work done by Japan’s law enforcement agencies.

However, like many countries, Japan too faces challenges, especially in the realm of theft-related offenses. The large gap between recognized burglary cases and arrests points towards this challenge. Preventative measures, community engagement, and continuous training for law enforcement can further aid in narrowing this gap.

In conclusion, while Japan remains one of the safest countries globally, continuous efforts are essential to address and reduce every single crime, ensuring safety and security for its residents and visitors

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