Moving from Japan to Memphis, USA

Shipping from Japan to Memphis

Since the company's establishment more than two decades ago in Tokyo, Japan, our company, Japan Luggage Express International Movers, has been offering the services of moving from Japan to U.S. to American people returning home as well as people from Japan and other parts of the world who are newly emigrating there. We arrange shipping of household goods and personal effects Japan to U.S.A. by sea and air at competitive charges and we are one of the few shipping companies in Japan who are willing to handle even small consignments which most international moving companies are not interested in. We aim to let our clients know what the most economical shipping solution would be depending on how large their consignments are going to be. We offer shipping services to Memphis by surface via Los Angels or Long Beach and the transit time is about one month and a half. Service by air is also available to Memphis Airport and we normally recommend this service to clients who are shipping only several boxes. Note that when you are shipping from Japan to USA by ocean, your consignment can be cleared through US customs in Memphis area even though it is transported via California. We offer the services of nationwide pickup including Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa and Kyushu and customs clearance for both outbound and inbound shipments, packaging services for pieces of furniture, and documentation services. In addition we offer the services of Importers Security Filing for ocean freight to the USA.

About Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is one of the major cities of southwestern Tennessee. It is the biggest city in Tennessee with a population of over 1.3 million people as at 2014. It is also the biggest city on the Mississippi River. Memphis has a very rich political and cultural history, associated with slave trade, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. alongside its large black population.

Of the large cities in Tennessee, Memphis was the last to be established in 1819. The region is well known to the business community as a hub of transportation and logistics. Due to the volume of cargo it handles, Memphis has earned its title as North America’s logistics center. Factors that make Memphis such an important logistics location is its plethora of resources, its central location, advanced infrastructure, presence of major players in the logistics services industry and its labor pool of experienced workers.

The city of Memphis is the leading interior trading harbor in the United States and the world. Its advanced transportation network, interstate highways and airports has drawn the world’s leading transportation and logistics companies such as FedEx Express to put it at the center of their distribution networks. Memphis has built on those partnerships to offer its unique services to even more shipping and logistics companies around the country.

Federal Express kicked off its logistics business from Memphis in April, 1973. Today, FedEx is a global logistics giant and has made Memphis its main distribution center for its delivery network. From its hub in Memphis, FedEx is only 24 hours away from making a delivery to any location in North America (United States and Canada) and 48 hours to most major cities around the world.

Memphis has been one of the most important transportation and logistics location in North America for a few reasons. It is mostly unaffected by adverse weather conditions all year round, with very few incidents of natural disasters e.g. hurricanes and bad weather. Memphis International Airport has been named the world's leading cargo airport by capacity for the last 16 years. More than 5 million tons of cargo is shipped through Memphis annually since 2010. FedEx Express is not the only logistics giant with facilities at the Memphis International Airport. UPS also maintains a major warehouse and sorting facility in Memphis. Memphis is also important to the passenger airlines as a major transportation hub as shown by the heavy reliance of Northwest Airline and KLM airlines on its airport as a passenger hub for most of their flights.

Memphis International is one of the biggest logistics airports in the world. Because of its large runway, it is called the World Runway. This is a strip more than 11,000 feet in length that opened for services in 2000. Intended to contain huge cargo planes and jets, it is able to sustain the operation of uninterrupted shipping and transportation services to the rest of North America and the world.