Shipping and Moving from Japan to Birmingham, UK

Shipping from Japan to UK

The UK is the most popular shipping and moving destination in Europe from Japan. If you are looking for an English-speaking Japanese freight forwarding company who are experienced in shipping from Japan to the UK, come to Japan Luggage Express. We have been in shipping and removal business since 1995 and have been helping people retuning to the UK or newly immigrating people with their removals. If you are shipping your personal items from Japan to UK by ocean, the shipment will arrive at the port of Southampton, England. Upon arrival of the shipment in the UK, it will need to be customs cleared. If you are shipping from Japan by air, the consignment will arrival at the Birmingham Airport, and you can have your shipment custom cleared there.

Birmingham, UK

Outside of London, Birmingham is one of the largest and most popular cities in the United Kingdom. They say that Birmingham is a big city with bold ideas. It is home to beautiful restored Victorian buildings. Apart from glitzy residential buildings, the commercial buildings also present a beautiful image. There are many interesting sites that deserve a visit whether you are going to move to the city from Japan and stay there for a long time or just travel there for a few days. The Cadbury World and custard factory are just two of many wonderful places to enjoy in Birmingham.

Hotels and Restaurants

Birmingham has many hotels and restaurants that host many tourists from overseas and locals alike. These hotels range from luxurious to low cost and practical. You can easily find somewhere to stay that is according to your needs, even if it is something as niche as a Spa break. It is recommended to find a hotel that puts you near all the happening places. If you are looking for an escape, then you can also find a place that puts you off the beaten track. Those who have moved from a busy city in Japan will find such places quite relaxing.

Sights to Enjoy

Birmingham is full of exciting and soothing sights especially if you are visiting from another country such as Japan. One of the most famous places is the Cadbury World. It is almost the real life version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. Here you will be educated about the history of chocolate and the Cadbury family. In addition to that, you are offered free chocolate products, a view of the chocolate making machines and chocolate themed rides. This is the best place to visit if you are a chocolate lover.

The custard factory used to churn custard but now it is home to various small galleries. Besides that, you can also find boutiques and vintage outlets.

The Soho House is also a beautiful sight to enjoy. It is the house that Matthew Boulton, the industrialist, lived in from 1766 to 1809. The 18th century chambers have bow been restored to welcome tourists. Tourists can enjoy the dining room in which Boulton and the Lunar Society met to discuss their ideas during the technological leap.


While there are a quite a few British pubs in big cities in Japan such as Tokyo, perhaps most Japanese people are not familiar with British food.

If you have a love of food, then you will not be disappointed by the options available in Birmingham. You can find Modern British, Indian, Balti and French cuisine easily. Cafe lovers will also find a lot of places to enjoy their time. Why not enjoy some dishes you have never tried before you have moved to the UK from Japan? Birmingham is not only a tourist stop but also a great place where you can continue your academic endeavours. It is a city full of universities that welcome both local and overseas students. University of Birmingham, Aston University, Birmingham City University, Birmingham Metropolitan College and the Newman University are just a few names to consider. In fact, many of these universities are well-known in Japan and some Japanese people relocate to Birmingham to attend one of such universities.

Birmingham is a city that has an interesting history. It is home to many industrial revolution era landmarks. An extensive network of canals is also the part of the city and these are lined with cafes and bars. Museums and art galleries also play their role in enhancing the curiosity about the city.

If you are a big city lover and enthusiastic traveller or tourist, then don’t miss out on the excitement of Birmingham!

There is a city named Birmingham in Alabama, USA. The city in the USA was naturally named after this famous UK city.