Moving to Melbourne

There was a time long ago when Australia was a barren land to which criminals were sent to live out the rest of their days of punishment. Today people are going there and in particular moving to Melbourne as a means of finding a higher quality of life, more opportunity and a place to call home.

Melbourne is known as a cosmopolitan city and here are just a few of the reasons as to why thousands of people from all over the world are moving to the Victorian State to live.

Welcome to your new multi-cultural home.

It cannot be denied, Melbourne is so multi-cultural that it almost has no identity other than being one of many combined.

A simple walk through the city centre will make this very obvious as you trace some footsteps through China town, between the old and new city buildings. Thai restaurant, Spanish bookshops, Irish bars and English tea rooms.

The restaurants, stores and social houses of the city have more fusion than any you will have visited before and it is this great mix which makes Melbourne feel like home to so many people the moment they arrive.

Equal Employment Opportunities

It can be difficult arriving somewhere new and settling in, never mind the actual task of competing with locals for work.

Thankfully, the multi-cultural nature of the fantastic City of Melbourne has brought about a wide acceptance amongst the local or native population which means you will always feel as though you are applying for work on equal grounds to the other candidates.

There is no preference given to nationality, colour or creed, Melbourne has taken giant strides to ensuring that the multi-cultural make-up of its population is something it promotes.

Amazing variety in climate

While the sun of the towns in the Northern peninsula can be a delight, the constant heat is not for everyone and Melbourne is the perfect place for such people.

Due to its geographical location, Melbourne receives a great bit of sunshine for most of the year but then it also enjoys a nice cool period during the winter which can be a nice break for those who enjoy the variety.

Strangely, this weather also means it is possible to head inland to some of the mountainous regions to take part in a spot of skiing or snowboarding.


As with much of Australia, Melbourne offer an amazing outdoor adventure for anyone who moves to the city. There are beaches around the St Kilda area which fill up all summer long and beautiful hiking trails along the coast which has some spectacular scenery.

Surfing, boarding, sailing, mountain biking. It has everything an adventure seeker could wish for and when time allows for it the only decision you will be left with, is in term of which activity you would most like to enjoy.

Melbourne - a place to call home

Melbourne is full of opportunity and surprises at every turn and a most welcoming city for people from all backgrounds or nationalities. If you are looking for a new place to call home, somewhere accepting, a town full of variety and adventure, you'd be hard pushed to find a more prosperous city anywhere in the world.

Moving and Shipping from Japan

Melbourne is one of the most popular destinations for shipping and moving from Japan to Australia. Along with Sydney, it is one of the top five cities for international moving. Japan Luggage Express, therefore, is experienced with moving and shipping to this particular destination. Weekly consolidation services are available from major ports in Japan to Melbourne if you are shipping by ocean. Service by air can be arranged normally with one transit. Compared with shipping to Europe or North America, the freight charges can be less expensive. When shipping to Melbourne or to any other Australian city, please pay attention to Australian customs quarantine standards. Foodstuff are principally prohibited. Treated wooden material shall be used for wooden crates, wooden box, pallets. Also, plywood must meet the requirement of Australian quarantine as well. Australian regulation on use of plywood has been changed recently. Duty of high percentage will be imposed on newly purchased goods but not on used personal belongings. You must be a returning resident to Australia or a holder of proper visa to bring in your personal effects from Japan to Australia.