Moving to Sydney from Japan

If you have Australia in mind, then moving to Sydney is most likely something you have already thought about. The eastern city on the coast of New South Wales has been an obvious choice for holidaymakers and also those looking to relocate from Japan in recent years.

This is for good reason too and let’s consider a few reasons as to why it is such a popular choice.

About Sydney


Sydney is a major hub for aircrafts, meaning it can be quite a cheap place to depart on vacations with places like New Zealand just a short stop way and very economical flights often on offer to South East Asia.

However, even without such opportunities the city is perfectly located for trips much closer to home like Melbourne or most particularly, Whitsundays and Fraser Island. The latter are two of the most beautiful places on earth and given the close proximity, it means you will have the most amazing vacations close to Sydney when the time allows for it.

Reliable weather

It does get cool during the winter months but as with city of Melbourne, this variety in weather can provide a much needed change to the hot sun which burns throughout the year.

That being said, the hot sun is also something which allows this famous city to thrive during the summer and most days the beaches of Bondi and Coogee are swarming with sun worshippers and surf lovers alike.

You won't be disappointed with the weather in Sydney and can be almost guaranteed that when you do invite friends over for your first barbeque, you can rely on the weather to be nice enough.

Social entertainment

Another side to Sydney which never fails to disappoint is the lively nightlife but the bars and clubs are not all the city has to offer with respect to social entertainment.

No, you will find everything here from performing arts to concerts, from opera at the Opera house to photo galleries. They are open most evenings and for those who can afford the expense, there is literally something on every night which is worth attending.


The city centre in particular is thriving with 5 star restaurants, takeaways and Barbeque grills. There is no end to the choice of where to eat, whether you are a meat lover, a vegan or a vegetarian the many food guides scattered around the city will suggest all the best places to go.

If you have moved to Sydney and concerned about the high cost of living, the supermarkets are reasonably priced and obviously a lot of money can be saved by doing a little bit of home cooking.


This has got to be the best thing about living in Sydney. There are many activities which are easily accessed as mentioned before the overall mix of living near the beach with access to the city and the reliable weather is not to be underestimated.

It's not a cheap place to live or move to but for anyone who concentrates on finding work first and a modest place to live, then moving to Sydney is most definitely worth the price you will pay.

Every year we serve a large number of people who are moving to Australia from Japan.
Needless to say, Sydney is one of the most popular shipping destinations of personal effects as well as commercial goods.. Perhaps it is the No.1 or No. 2 destination city among all the destinations of the world. As a destination country, USA may be No.1, however, because there are so many states and large cities in the USA, it makes it difficult to make a particular city in the USA far more popular than other large cities around the world. On the other hand, there are only a few destination cities in Australia, thus making a particular Australian city like Sydney the most popular shipping destination from Japan. Weekly consolidation service is available if you are shipping by sea from Japan and shipping charge from Japan to Australia is quite reasonable compared with those from Japan to Europe, Canada or the USA. If you are shipping by air, which we recommend for smaller shipments in terms of saving money, either direct flight or service with one transit is available. Japan Airlines offers direct flight to Sydney and there are some other Asian airlines who offer services from Japan to Sydney. When shipping from Japan to Sydney, please be aware that Australia is very strict on import of foodstuff and other items which could possibly cause quarantine problems. Avoid using fruit cartons or egg cartons for packing or any other box that would cause misunderstanding. If you are shipping any kind of foodstuff, then we recommend that you contact the AQIS and seek advice while telling us that you are thinking of shipping foodstuff. Once the shipment arrives at the destination airport or the port, the Australian customs will inspect all the packages. If they find something that cannot be imported to Australia, then they will just confiscate. In some cases they would fumigate. For those who want to ship to Canberra, we offer doo-to-door services via Sydney. We consign the shipment to our Sydney agent, have them custom clear there and arrange delivery to Canberra,