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If you are internationally relocating from Japan and looking to continue living in the Asian atmosphere and environment, move to the exotic country of Malaysia. You might not be able to practise your Japanese daily but fear not, sushi cuisines and other kinds of Japanese foods are available in every part of Malaysia. Another good news is, if you are a retired individual and decides to move from Japan to Malaysia, all imported possessions for personal use are exempted from taxes.

Japan Luggage Express is an international movers in Japan who provides services from sending a few packages, express documents, excess baggage to moving a large amount of boxes or pieces of furniture using international air and sea freight cargo shipment with the cheapest shipping charges available in the market. We pride ourselves in our knowledge on shipping and customs clearance, friendliness especially towards people from overseas, efficiency and we are a perfect organization when it comes to international shipping of personal effects, household goods as well as shipping of merchandise from Japan. For those who are moving from Japan to Malaysia and sending personal effects, service by air is available to Kuala Lumpur International Airport and service by sea is available to Port Kelang and Penang. If you are shipping with Japan Luggage Express International Movers, the cost for moving back to Malaysia may not be as expensive as you think. If you are considering shipping your personal effects from Japan to Malaysia, the first thing you should do is to contact us and have an idea of home much stuff you can ship within your budget, how the shipping charges will be calculated and so on.

Malaysia General Information

Malaysia are two large islands situated just north of the equator, making it the breeding ground of the most exotic floras, creating a charming landscape and nature that no other country can compare to the beauty of the country’s inheritance. With the large and heavy densely populated forestry, huge mysterious caves, wild tropical flowers, white sandy beaches with clear blue water and let’s not forget the intelligent orang utans, it is so stunning and bewitching.

The magnificent scenery of Malaysia is breath-taking. The unique landscapes of the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands, the spectacular caves of Borneo, the long houses of indigenous tribal Iban, the religious worship temple in Batu Caves, the Petronas Twin Towers, where it was once the tallest building in the world and the serene calm islands of Langkawi, Pulau Perhentian and Tioman are one of the many main attractions that will only heighten your adventurous senses!

The rather famous smelling fruit, the King of fruits - Durian can only be grown in the humid weather of Malaysia. The sweet purple suckling fruit mangosteen, bright orange papayas and the thorny skinned jackfruit are locally grown exotic fruits that only originates from Malaysia.

The largest Bornean flora in the world, the Rafflesia Flower contains wound healing properties. Open mouth like plant, called pitchers, sucks the nutrients from the dead insects that falls into it, is the popular tropical carnivorous plant of Malaysia. Hibiscus being the national flower has many wonderful health benefits that Malaysians made tea and syrup drinks out of it. Rubber trees grown throughout the Peninsular Malaysia is the largest rubber exporter in the world.

There are more than 620 bird species found in the land of Malaysia with Hornbill, a species that has double beaks, being the national bird. The most recognised gracious orang utan were born in the woodlands of Borneo, a very intelligent ape species that is in danger of extinction. Siamang, another ape species that is only found in the Peninsular of Malaysia and Indoneisa, has a unique throat pouch that can inflate causes the ape to make loud distinct echoing calls.

Malaysia is largely populated by many different ethnicities and races with about 140 spoken languages. Notwithstanding the fact, Malay is the mother tongue language although English is commonly used. The friendly multicultural background of Malaysia has since drawn many attentions of a lot of expats around the world. Different traditions and cultures are observed in this country, producing a lot of interesting festivals, events and observance that is unlike any other countries.

Unlike Japan, this unique country only has 2 seasons in a year, summer heat and monsoon seasons. In 365 days of a year, there are at least 200 days of thunderstorms across Malaysia. Because of its weather, it is perfect growing condition for rice and rice is the crucial staple diet of Malaysians, who can consume up to 82 kilos per year per person.

Food is a highlight for Malaysians. Cost of food is so affordable that most Malaysians opt eating out every day. Perhaps those who have moved to Malaysia from abroad do the same. The busiest hour of an eatery place is after midnight. Yes, the Malaysians are supper people. You will see shopping malls, grocery stalls and convenient shops closes after midnight but not the food stalls or rather the more famously known as “kopitiam” ? a place where Malaysians hangout and chat while eating their favourite supper meal. Some kopitiams open 24 hours and they are so full that made shift chairs and tables are used in the parking lots. “Roti Canai” is among the Malaysian favourites with a twist of Malay, Indian and Chinese taste and recipes. Coffee made with condensed milk whether served hot or cold is a must try. Noodles are everywhere either in soup form, fried or steamed. Coconut rice with nasty hot spicy sauce called Nasi Lemak, wrapped in banana leaves will make you crave for more. This dish may remind you of curry and rice in Japan.

If you move to Malaysia, you will realize that living cost in Malaysia is very affordable especially compared with Japan, European countries or the United States, almost bordering to low cost living. To rent a two bedroom house is relatively the same rental price as for a studio in the Western countries. Taxes in Malaysia are very reasonable and it can be said, Malaysia is a tax friendly country. Almost every household in Malaysia owns 2 vehicles and it is their means of transportation. Public transports in Malaysia are not as developed as other countries and are yet lacking in its efficiency. With all that said, Malaysian drivers are considered mad when it’s mayhem on the road!

Working opportunities in Malaysia are given priorities to the natives therefore the Malaysian authorities are very strict giving out working permits to internationals, if not it is a lengthy and extensive procedure. Therefore it would be difficult to move to Malaysia before you get a visa which allows you to work there. Nevertheless, if any company that is established in Malaysia has extended a work contract with the minimum of a year, it is relatively easy to possess a working permit. With the constant and continual building of Malaysia, construction economy is booming giving many opportunities to those who are big investors including investors from overseas and labour workers.

In conclusion, Malaysia is a place where you are able to live cheaply yet enjoying the nature with the calm quiet surroundings. It can be a high pace society but the peaceful presence of rainforests and the wildlife draws you back into the normal pace of life.

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Our expats customers depend on us to ship their personal effects and household belongings anywhere in the world when they move out of Japan. We offer international shipping services from Japan at competitive charges to destination worldwide including North America such as USA and Canada, Europe, Russia and importantly a number of Asian countries including Malaysia. A knowledgeable and experienced international move manager will personally guide you through steps of your international move from Japan to the shipping destination of your choice. We will be looking forward to serving you with your removal and shipping from Japan. To receive information on our charges for international shipping and more detailed information on our services, please complete the online inquiry from on this web site. We will be more than happy to work with people moving back to Malaysia from Japan.

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