Shipping Goods from Japan

Japan Luggage Express handles not only unaccompanied personal effects of people who are moving from Japan but also merchandise purchased online or from some shop or a company in Japan. This service of shipping goods from Japan is useful especially for those who have purchased some items that are too heavy or large to be sent via Japan Post.

We have been in shipping business for over 21 years since company's establishment in 1995. Our experienced staff with vast knowledge in international freight forwarding and customs clearance will assist you with your shipping needs.

Some points to remember:

■ If you are moving from Japan after residing in the country and are shipping newly purchased items, they can be shipped as part of your unaccompanied personal effects.

■ If you are a traveler to Japan and are shipping goods which you purchased during your stay, they can be shipped as unaccompanied personal effects as well, just as though you were moving away from Japan. However, the maximum declared value must be less than Y200,000 per person. Otherwise, the goods being shipped must be cleared through Japanese customs as *general cargo*.

■ If you are neither moving out of Japan nor travelling there (or presently travelling there), such as in the case of online shopping, the shipment must be cleared through customs as general cargo and is subject to export regulations. There may be restrictions on exporting depending on the goods.

■ For a shipment of small size, shipping by air is generally less expensive than shipping by sea.

Some of the items we handle include: Musical instruments such as electric piano, key boards, used LP records (used vinyl records), pieces of Japanese furniture such as tansu, tables, massage chairs, printed matters, bicycles etc.

We also offer shipping services to companies who are importing/exporting goods from Japan. Have any question about shipping from Japan? Contact us any time using our online inquiry form. We will be happy to send you a quote.

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