Moving to Qatar

What you should know about Qatar before moving there

Although the country may not be known to the people in Japan, USA or Europe very well, Qatar is an oasis of peace in the turbulent Middle East region. Doha is Qatar’s capital city and is one of the fastest growing economic hubs in the region. Qatar is culturally diverse, with amazing sights, experiences and warm, welcoming people. It is among the few Muslim countries that tolerate and protect other minority religions in the country’s constitution. These are ten things you should know about Qatar:

It is a custodian of ancient history

Moving from Japan to Qatar is akin to rewinding the historical clock several millenniums back. The country is not only the theatre for some of the most defining historical events in the world, but also a custodian of the remnants of ancient civilisations and kingdoms. The museum of Islamic art is one the important relics showcasing the country’s ancient history.

It has amazing and unique sights and experiences

Qatar offers a wide range of scenic and contrasting landscapes ranging from the Qatari peninsula to the Arabian desert which has the moving sand dunes, the Khalifa International Tennis and Squash Complex which hosts world class tennis and racing championships. These features offer a wide range of activities and experiences such as desert excursion, skiing, camel riding, desert safaris, and sporting activities such as tennis. Qatar will host the 2022 FiFa world cup finals making it a travelling hotspot especially for people visiting from abroad.

It is safe

Safety of the destination country is extremely important for people moving from Japan. Just like Japan, Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world, recording very low crime levels. Incidents of serious crimes such as violent robberies, carjacking, gang rapes and murder are very rare, in comparison with European countries and USA.

It is hospitable

Qatarians are very hospitable, civil and welcoming people. Being hospitable to internationals is highly rated virtue that is enshrined in the Qatarian culture across the country.

The epitome of morality

Women are highly regarded in the Qatarian culture and any form of behaviour or action that tends to threaten or undermine their dignity in the society is punished severely. Any form of sexual harassment, indecent dressing and broadcasting any sexually offensive content is forbidden.

It is an architectural wonder

Qatar is one the few countries in the world that effuses architectural elegance, such as prehistoric mosques, monuments, palaces and museums that blends effortlessly with modern buildings. Besides the breathtaking architectural designs and magnificent skyscrapers, the buildings are skilfully decorated and furnished with a rich variety of ornaments and colours making them a wonder to behold.

Amazing cuisines

Qatar offers a wide variety of cuisines raging from the traditional Persian foods to internationally renowned gourmets, including Japanese, Chinese, Italian and French delicacies. Qatar has many food outlets that offer fast foods, snacks, pastries and sweets. However Qatar has strict alcohol regulations. If you are caught driving under the influence of alcohol you are subjected to 40 lashes.

Efficient transport and communication network

Qatar has efficient air, road and rail network in addition to fast internet connectivity. Travelling within the country is affordable and convenient. The extensive road network and cheap fuel facilitates accessibility to the remotest parts in the vast country. The country is served by its own luxurious Qatar Airways; it is also served by international airlines such as Turkish airlines, Emirates and Etihad among others. Doha is one of the busiest hub airports in the area and in fact Qatar Airways is frequently used for shipping personal effects of people moving from Japan to European Countries or South Africa.

Tolerant to other religions

Unlike other Muslim majority countries, Qatar tolerates other minority religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Zoroastrianism. These minority religions are recognised in the country’s legal system. The country welcomes people from all faiths and beliefs provided that they respect some of the main Islamic practices, especially when visiting holy shrines.

It is very affordable

The cost of travelling and accommodation in Qatar is very cheap, because the country is a top oil and natural gas producer in the region. The cost of domestic air and bus tickets is affordable because the fuel is cheap. Accommodation in a four star hotel per night is affordable.

Because Qatar Airlines offers very good services at reasonable air rate, international shipping by air is recommended for personal effects. Direct flight service is available from Tokyo, Japan. International moving to Qatar will surely be a great experience for everybody!