Moving from Japan to USA

Shipping from Japan to USA

The United States is the No. 1 destination when it comes to international moving and shipping from Japan.
We have been helping people and their families move from Japan to USA for over 20 years.
Whether you need to move just a few cartons by air or a large number of packages by sea,we can provide a service to meet your requirements at competitive charges.

Rates for service by air to USA

Air rates

San Francisco & Los Angeles 950 yen per kilogram
Other international airports (mainland) 950 yen to 1450 yen per kilogram
Honolulu 950 yen per kilogram

Services are basically available to almost all international airports in the USA, however, there may not be services available to some destinations or the rates may be different.

Note that volume of cargo is also a pricing factor and shipments under certain weight density set by IATA (International Air Transport Association) will be charged by their volumetric weight (also known as dimensional weight) i.e.. the volume instead of the actual gross weight.
The calculation is based on the following equation:
Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) dived by 6000 equals the volume weight in kg and the higher of the actual gross weight or volumetric weight will be the chargeable weight of an air shipment.

For more details on minimum requirement (45kgs is the minimum weight for this service) and also on volumetric weight, please see information on the main page of rates for service by air on this website.

The above rates are exclusive of "destination charges" on the US side i.e. charges payable to airline's destination agent/office such as their handling or terminal charges, demurrage, delivery charges from the airport to a residence or customs clearance charge that will incur if you use the services of a custom house broker. Majority of our customers go to the airport to custom clear the shipments and pick up the packages. The procedure is normally relatively easy. (See information from our customers)

Our handling and customs clearance charges on the Japan side:
Y5,900 per declaration (The number of packages does not matter.)

Pickup charge:
We offer free pickup service for Tokyo wards area and part of Chiba areas. For other areas, pickup charge will normally be 50 yen to 200 yen per kg. We can arrange pickup from almost anywhere in Japan.

1.5% of the value you declare on your packing list will be the insurance premium with the minimum premium of Y3,300. To give an example, if you declare the value of Y400,000 for the entire shipment, the insurance premium will be Y6,000.

Rate example:
If, for instance, you are shipping 60kgs to Los Angeles, the charges will be
Y62,900. (Y950 x 60 +4,900) *This exclude insurance.

The above rates are for personal effects/household goods shipments for individuals moving from Japan to the US as of 2013. If shipping commercial merchandises, the rates and charges are different. Rates are subject to change and fuel or security charges may need to be added. Also, depending on the nature of shipments, higher charges or rate will be applied particularly when the shipment seems time consuming.

If shipping as airfreight, the minimum weight is 45kgs whereas the minimum for sea freight is one cubic meter. Service by air is more cost-efficient than service by sea for a shipment of small weight and size.

Rates for service by sea to USA

Please contact us for a quotation. We have competitive rates especially for shipments to the US.

Due to a newly-implemented US regulation, ISF or Impoters Security Filing must be submitted to US customs for sea shipments. Japan Luggage Express can arrange submission of ISF on your behalf. ISF is only for sea shipments.

Shipping time from Japan to USA is about four to six weeks or so depending on the shipping destination within the USA. Please note that the transit time depends on a number of factors such as customs clearance, departure dates of ships etc.

To bring in personal effects to the US, proper visa will be required. If you are a permanent resident there(returning US citizen), there will be no problem but if you are a holder of a tourist visa, the entry of the goods is likely to be denied by the US customs.

Although most people ship in cardboard boxes, if a wooden box or a wooden crate is used for shipping, it can cause customs/quarantine problem on the shipment arrives at the port in the USA. Use plywood that was treated. Alternatively use wooden materials that were fumigated in accordance with US customs and quarantine standards. The wooden materials use have been treated in accordance with ISPM15 standards, which are worldwide standard of wooden materials used for international shipping.

Services to Hawaii, Guam and Saipan are also available through Japan Luggage Express.

All rates are subject to change.

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