Moving from Japan to Hawaii, USA

Moving Japan to Hawaii

Moving and Shipping to Hawaii from Japan

The USA is the most popular overseas moving destination from Japan. Although people move to various states across America, perhaps Hawaii is one of the top 5 destination states in the US. Many people from Japan travel to Hawaii for vacation and above all it is the closest state from Japan, thus making it easy for Japanese people fly there. Hawaii became the 51th US state officially in 1959 and it is one of the smallest states in the US, yet the number of travelers from Japan to Hawaii is much larger than the travelers to any other state in America. Because it is the closest US state from Japan, it will not be surprising to see so many people not only move from Japan to Hawaii but also quite a few people move from Hawaii to Japan as well.

Shipping from Japan to Hawaii

Shipping services of both sea and air are available for personal effects, household goods and general cargo. Japan Airlines and some other airlines accept unaccompanied personal effects, therefor, service by air can be used for moving personal effects as well. If you are shipping by sea, weekly consolidation service is available from Japan. The Services are available from the ports of Tokyo/Yokohama and Osaka/Kobe ad Moji/Fukuoka. There is only a few carriers in Japan who offer consolidation services for sea shipping from Japan to Honolulu, therefore shipping rate to Honolulu is more expensive than shipping to the mainland USA. (The ocean freight charges to mainland US are relatively low because a number of carriers have services of consolidation shipping from Japan to California and due to the competition, the rates are low.)

When you are moving your personal effects from abroad to the USA, you can seek free entry of the goods which you have owned for more than a year and used for more than six months. Just as when moving to the mainland USA or to any other country around the world, an inventory of the goods you are shipping is required for customs clearance and insurance purposes. ISF Importers Security Filing) submission is required even when you are shipping to Hawaii just as it is required for shipping to the US mainland.

The multiple attractions of a country such as Hawaii

One of the most popular global travel and moving destinations

Just about every person who has ever heard about Hawaii has this destination on their list of places which they would like to visit or move to in their lifetime. One of the reasons is the absolutely breathtaking scenery as well as beautiful beaches and then there is a whole range of activities which people can engage in while they are visiting this amazing place. When it comes to popular holiday destinations Hawaii is right there at the top of the list and even people who have been there already simply cannot wait to return or move to. No one who visited Hawaii can ever forget the memorable and moving experiences which they enjoyed while visiting different parts of Hawaii. For the very busy business professional or just about any family which is constantly overwhelmed by the pressures of modern day life there is no better place to recharge their physical batteries and to recover their objectivity as far as their lives and objectives for the future is concerned.

A priority for many is the beach activities

There is literally hundreds of thousands of miles of shoreline all across this planet and some of those beaches has become extremely popular because of the benefits which they are providing to visitors. However the beaches of Hawaii compete very well with others all over the planet and therefore for water sport enthusiasts Hawaii will always remain an incredible place to visit. Various tourists is contacted by different natural spectacles, some is into cave exploration while others prefer white-water rafting and then there is also those tourists who are chasing after every waterfall which can be found on this planet and of those there are many in Hawaii. It is important for the visitor to do some research before actually coming to Hawaii in order to ensure that nothing is overlooked during your visit to this destination. The oceans surrounding Hawaii are full of interesting and also numerous life forms and this is why deep-sea diving and other ocean exploration hobbies is very popular in this area. There is truly something for everyone in this amazing holiday and moving destination.

Going for the extraordinary

Some people are attacked to the unbridled power of this planet and for those who are so inclined they will be able to enjoy themselves fully by visiting some of the spectacular volcanoes which can be found on Hawaii. In fact the most active volcano on the entire planet can be found on Hawaii and this spectacle is attracting thousands of visitors annually and this is considered by many travelers to be one of the most moving experiences of a lifetime. There are also those travelers who enjoy nothing more than to photograph spectacular sunsets and sunrises. This group of people will be able to indulge themselves fully when they come to Hawaii because few other places on the planet can rival Hawaii when it comes to spectacular sunsets and sunrises. This is simply a few of the reasons why Hawaii is a must see destination.

Your international moving company from Japan to America

Are you ready for your move from Japan to Hawaii, USA? Wherever in the USA or in the world your destination is, Japan Luggage Express Ltd is ready to assist your move. Unlike a very simple relocation within Japan or within America, moving across the border entails a lot of work to do, which includes the documents that need to be completed in advance or even during the move. From customs regulations to pickup and marine insurance, we endeavor to ensure a stress-free move by providing useful information and instructions which will be the key to the successful move. One of the most important things in international moving is preparation. Once you decide to ship your personal belongings, we recommend that you start preparing for your move as soon as possible. Our moving manager will be happy to answer your questions on your move from Japan to the US. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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