Shipping from Japan to Denver, USA

Besides the cities such as Seattle, Portland, San Francisco or Los Angeles, Denver is one of the closest US shipping destinations from Japan. Denver actually is a very popular moving destination within the USA and many Americans say that they want to move to Denver if they ever have a chance to move to another city in the USA. If you are interested in moving from Japan to the US but are not sure which city would be good to live in, then choosing Denver may be a smart choice. It can also be a good destination for Japanese students who want to study aboard in the USA. In fact there are some good universities in the area. If you are shipping from Japan, services by both air and surface are available. In either case, the shipments will be transported via California. With the USA being the top shipping destinations from Japan, we have handled thousands of shipments to the USA.

Interesting facts about Denver, Colorado

Early history of Denver

According to the history of Denver this city was established in 1858 by a group of prospector’s. It is located very near the foot of the Rocky Mountains close to the confluence of Cherry Creek and South Platte River. It is also the county seat for Denver County in Colorado. Another interesting title which has been ascribed to the city of Denver is that of the mile high city. Apparently if you were to measure from the 15th step of the state capital building on the west side that will give a person a height of exactly 1 mile above sea level. Like so many other cities in the US, Denver has been named after a person and in this case this was Gov. James W Denver. This area was once used by both the Arapaho Indians and the Cheyenne but there were bigger plans for the area such as that it should be the location for a major cosmopolitan city which will become a place of residence primarily for immigrants. Until 1864 the Arapaho Indians shared the land with white settlers but this came to an end when 163 Arapaho was killed by Col Chivington and after this the remaining Indians was sent to Wyoming and Oklahoma where they were confined to reservations.

Rapid expansion of Denver

Things really started to move forward for Denver after 1870 when the railroads arrived in this area and in an amazingly short time the population doubled from 5000 to 10,000 people. According to statistics for the West during that time Denver was actually the second most populated city in the area and only one city had more people at that time and this was San Francisco in California. After very fast initial growth the depression of 1893 arrived and this resulted in a slower population growth. Gold and silver ceased to be the major attractions in this area and this allowed for more diversity especially as far as agriculture was concerned. The focus now shifted to manufacturing and also to tourists and eventually these new ventures started to increase and grow especially after 1900 as several other industries start to contribute to the economy of Denver. There was initially several breweries in this area but the only one which has survived is Coors brewing which has eventually become the third largest producer of beer in the US.

Other sources was also researched

There was also several attempts to develop fuel sources all over Colorado and in fact many gas and oil companies moved to Denver after World War II which had a substantial impact on the expansion of the city. This could also be seen in the construction of new properties and suddenly very large skyscrapers started to appear some even 50 stories and higher. Because Denver was centrally located and because of its height above sea level Denver was developed as the largest telecommunications center in the US. It also eventually emerged as the major national transportation hub in this country. Another astonishing accomplishment is that Denver employed more federal workers than any other city in the USA, that is except Washington DC. Several types of sports is also popular in the city of Denver and its sports teams is competing extraordinary well with competitors in other cities.