Moving from Japan to Dallas, Texas

About the city

Many people move to or move back to Texas from Japan and perhaps Dallas is the most popular shipping destination among the cities in Texas. When moving from Japan to the USA, it is important to learn a little about the background of the city or the state because each state and each major city is quite unique and has something that stands out. Each state is almost like a nation in Europe. In this sense, there are some important things about Dallas one should know.

Even in Japan, Dallas is known as the city where John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Even though most Japanese people may not know that assassination took place in Dallas, perhaps most of them have seen the scene of assassination over and over again on TV as Japanese TV still talk about the mystery of the death of John F. Kennedy, former president of USA over and over again. Because of this tragic event, the city was once called “the city of hate”. Such naming gave a negative image on the city of Dallas and it lost many business opportunities. However, because the price of crude oil became high in 1970’s, the city’s economy recovered. The city was named after George Dallas, who was once vice president of the United States.

Crude oil was discovered in Dallas in the 20th century and the city grew significantly large because of oil industry. American Airlines is the most famous company who has the headquarters in Dallas. Examples of other internationally well-known companies who have the headquarters in Dallas include Seven-Eleven and J.C. Penny. (Seven Eleven actually went into business in Dallas area.)

Moving in from Japan

When you travel from Japan to Dallas, you will arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (IATA three letter code is DFW). The airport is located at about 300 km from downtown and about 2,000 airplanes take on and off there. It is one of the busiest airports in the USA. American Airlines has a direct flight service from Tokyo to Dallas.

Those who move to elsewhere in the USA may stop over in Dallas if they fly with American Airlines. There is a consumption tax of 8.25 percent in the state of Texas, which is quite similar to the consumption tax rate of 8 percent in Japan. In Dallas, there are some major professional sport teams. Texas Rangers in baseball, Dallas Cowboys in American football and Dallas Mavericks in basketball, which are all famous in Japan are naturally sports clubs from Dallas. These sports are popular in Japan as well, so you will soon become fans of these professional sports clubs.

Shipping personal goods from Japan to Dallas.

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