Moving from Japan to Indianapolis, USA

Moving Japan to Indianapolis, America

Overseas moving services from Japan

Are you returning to or newly immigrating to the USA? Whatever the reason for your international moving from Japan to U.S. is, our company, Japan Luggage Express offers an affordable and reliable shipping services for personal effects and household goods to our expat customers who are leaving Japan for the U.S. Our services of international shipping from Japan to USA are affordable even when only a few packages are shipped and that is why our international customers rely on our moving services.

Moving to and Living in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is one of largest cities in East Central America, it is also the capital of Indiana. With a population estimated at 850,00 as at 2015, it is the 14th biggest capital in United States and one of its most welcoming.

Indianapolis was created in 1821 to be the seat of political power for the state of Indiana. Being so centrally located in the U.S.A., you can drive to most of the country in a day from Indianapolis and is called the America’s Crossroad. It is also very well known for its diverse economy based on trade, logistics, banking and finance, hotel and tourism as well as other less known markets such as auto racing. Indianapolis is home to the Indianapolis 500, the biggest sport event held anywhere in the world in a day. People from Japan would think of Indianapolis 500, when they hear the name of the city. There are currently three Fortune 500 companies in Indianapolis. In recent times, information technology jobs have been on the increase due to establishment of more tech companies in the region since 2014. Indianapolis also has the sixth busiest airport in the country when measured by air cargo volumes. Because it is so centrally located in the country, major logistics companies such as FedEx has a large base at the airport, in fact their second largest cargo hub in the country. Indianapolis is also a major inland cargo ports for shipping goods around the country.

Indianapolis is one of the most conservative major cities in the United States even though in recent times, it is leaning towards more of a politically moderate disposition. Indianapolis is a relatively safe city to raise a family. Therefore, it is quite a popular moving destination as well.

When you have moved to Indianapolis, you will notice that having a car is important because of its large size. In terms of walkability, it ranks low among large American cities. Recently, the government introduced an electric car sharing scheme to improve getting around in the city. The city also has a public transportation network that is steadily increasing in ridership. By improving bicycle and other pedestrian infrastructure, the people have more options besides the bus system. The railway system, powered by AmTrak is also very much intersected with other parts of the country because of Indianapolis’ reputation as a logistics and transportation nerve centre.

The average cost of owning a detached home in Indianapolis was about $146,000 as at 2014, below the national average. Household income was also estimated as an average of $41,400 as at 2014, above national average. The April 2016 cost of living index in Indianapolis is estimated as 89, less than the U.S average of 100.

With a selection of world famous restaurants and delis, Indianapolis is well known for its Hoosier Hospitality as well as its very helpful citizens. This is a very good point about the city for people moving there, especially for Japanese or people from anywhere in the world. Another good reason to put Indianapolis on your list of moving destinations is also its ample opportunity to view and participate in athletic and sport events. With more interstate highways than any other metropolis in America, it is an exciting destination and an ideal starting point for the avid traveller and explorer.

We make your international move Japan to the USA easy.

Japan Luggage Express International Movers has a worldwide network of cargo agents to help us in international transportation of commercial goods and personal items. Unlike a relocation within a county, moving across the borders inevitably entails complicated documentation for customs clearance purposes. Our company has been helping expats in Japan move back to their home countries or even to third countries where they start their new lives for more than two decades. From marine and air insurance to packing of pieces of furniture and odd-shaped objects, we offer various services that are related to overseas moving from Japan. Should you have any questions about your international move from Japan, contact us and speak to our bilingual manager in English. We will be happy to help you to bring the memories of Japan to the town of your moving destination.