Shipping from Japan to Australia -Time

delivery time to Australia from Japan

How long does it take for shipping from Japan to Australia using the services of an international shipping company or international movers? (What is the average shipping time from Japan to Australia?)

If you are shipping from Japan to Australia by sea, services are available to the ports of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fremantle and Hobart. Average/ Estimated port-to-port shipping times from Tokyo or Yokohama, Japan to ports in Australia for sea freights are as follows:

For instance, if there is a vessel leaving the port of Yokohama on April 4 for Sydney, the estimated arrival date in Sydney will be April 27. This makes the actual port-to-port transit time from Yokohama to Sydney 23 days.

In addition to the actual port-to-port transit times, the following factors must be taken into consideration to have a better idea on how long shipping from Japan to Australia will be.

Taking these points into consideration, the total shipping time will be about 10 to 17 days longer than the actual port-to-port sailing times.

The shipping times indicated here are for Less-than-Container Load shipments. Less-than-Container Load shipments to Australia may be transshipped at Singapore, or the consolidation container may make it onto a connecting vessel either at the port of Singapore or Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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