Some Things to Keep in Mind

  • You will be required to tender a packing list describing the contents of the packages and copies of your passport as well as a copy of your e-ticket for customs clearance.
    Your shipment will be cleared through Japanese customs as unaccompanied personal effects by presenting these documents and will be exempt from all kinds of export regulations.  *You can send the packing list to us after pickup as normally it is not ready until you finish packing.

  • Service by air is less expensive than service by sea for small shipments.

  • All the rates described on this web site cover delivery to destination terminals only. Destination charges are not included. Door-to-door rates are available upon request, however, please note that they will be for some destination only.

  • Goods must be packed by the owner in cardboard boxes, plastic containers and the likes prior to pickup. Crating service is available at extra cost for large items or pieces of furniture.

  • Goods must be in “ready-for-carriage” condition at the time of pickup and should be able to be carried/lifted by one man. If you have any particularly large or heavy cartons, please let us know in advance and assist the driver to avoid the surcharge for an extra man.

  • Cardboard boxes and other packing materials for international move are available and can be delivered to your door. They can be ordered on this website and will be shipped C.O.D. by takuhaibin.

  • International shipping charges depend on the total weight or total volume of the consignment. The number of packages is not considered when calculating the charges as long as the total weight/volume is the same.

  • It is highly recommended to have you shipment insured although it is not mandatory. Air and marine insurance against all risk can be purchased through our company. The premium depends on the declared value.

  • Pickup service is available anywhere in Japan.

  • Storage prior to shipping from Japan is available if you will be traveling for a few weeks or months before arriving at the final destination city you will move to.

  • When shipping by air, the volume will be taken into consideration as well in determining the charges. If shipping something low in weight density or if the total weight density of all packages is low, it is likely that the shipment is charged by the volume while shipments are normally charged by the actual gross weight. See also the section of *About Volumetric Weight* in the page of *Rates for Service by Air*

  • Foodstuff are principally not accepted. Foodstuff include medicine, vitamins/supplements, Chinese traditional medicine, beverages, and alcohol.

  • Some common items can fall into the category of dangerous goods when they are shipped by air - For example, electric devices containing lithium ion batteries, aroma oils, magnets or perfumes. Having said so, majority of these items can be shipped by ocean.

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