International moving companies in Japan

Just like when moving within Japan, there are several types of international movers in Japan when you are moving from Japan to another country. It is important that you choose the right one depending on your moving budget, what you’ll be shipping, and the types of services the international moving company offers.

Some people can afford to move their entire households, including large pieces of furniture such as sofas, tables, washing machines, or even pianos. Some people may prefer to have the movers pack not only large items for which they are not able to find suitable boxes but also small items such as dishes, kitchenware, etc. Others may want to move with their pets. Some international moving companies in Japan also handle the shipping of motor vehicles, including cars. (There is a consistent need for shipping Japanese cars because Japanese cars are popular everywhere in the world.)

If it is a company-paid move, it would make sense to hire a mover that does all the packing and arrange for shipping door to door. Such international movers’ services often include unpacking at the destination once the shipment is delivered to the residence. Some companies also offer services like creating a packing list (inventory) on behalf of the shipper (client). Such international moving companies are often referred to as “full-service overseas moving companies”.

We have been in the international moving business since 1995; in fact, when we started almost all overseas movers in Japan were full-service companies. Back then, the minimum volume of sea shipments that such companies handled was three cubic meters. Companies spent much time on each shipment, visiting clients’ residences a number of times (including for an onsite estimate) and handling documentation. Therefore, the charges were very expensive. Many overseas movers in Japan today do the same thing.

Services overseas movers offer


Some overseas movers offer packing services, including small items. Packing small items into boxes can be tiring but remember, by doing the packing yourself, you can save a large amount of money. International movers have special teams or subcontractors who do all the packing.

You may wish to inquire about the availability of such services if your moving budget allows but you do not have time to pack or do not feel comfortable packing your goods yourself.


Conservative international moving companies believe that when they transport goods by sea, everything (every box) must be crated. This is very good in terms of protection but by having something crated, the volume of a consignment increases significantly. The shipping charge will increase as well.

Door-to-door moving

Door-to-door services are typically expensive. That is how full-service international movers make most of their profits, just like they do from packing. Once again, unless your employer is paying for your moving expenses, this can be an expensive option. The good thing about shipping door to door is that you do not have to go to the customs office in person and arrange for transportation from the bonded terminal to your house. Also, when you need a customs broker, you will not have to look for a company that offers customs clearance and delivery services.

Moving with Pets

Although our company does not offer services relating to the transportation of pets, some movers do. Transportation of pets / live animals is better left to the hands of experts. It is recommended that you use the services of an experienced company. Some air freight forwarders have a special division for moving pets.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that there is a great risk involved when shipping a pet by air, whether it is domestic or international. Pets do not understand what is going on when they are put into a cage and loaded into the aircraft’s cargo space. Sometimes they try to escape from the cage or panic and end up dying. Pets are family members, so it is recommended that you think twice about whether you will move with them or leave them in Japan.

“Moving” in British English is “removals” and “moving companies” are often called “removalists”. In American English, the term “van lines” is also used.