Moving within Japan

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Several Moving methods

When you move within Japan, there are a few ways you can transport your personal effects and belongings. These transportation methods vary depending on the number of things you want to bring to your new home, the distance to the new destination, whether you are moving alone or with a family, and whether you will be moving furniture as well.

There are some English-speaking movers with small vans serving expats in Tokyo and surrounding areas. You may wish to contact such companies first if you reside in the Tokyo area. English-speaking movers are very difficult to find outside Tokyo.

Yamato Home Convenience, a subsidiary of Yamato Unyu, offers services such as moving large items (e.g., pieces of furniture) for which you are not able to find suitable packages. The company has cage-like metal crates in which you can place your item vertically and transport it to your new residence. Pickups are done by two men. An English-speaking operations staff is available. The company can move small to medium-sized refrigerators, sofas, etc.

Our moving company, Japan Luggage Express, is a specialist in international moving from Japan to other countries. We can help you move your personal belongings from Japan to your home country or to another country when you leave Japan. Moving internationally is entirely different from moving within Japan, as there are many formalities you must go through. With over two decades in international moving and shipping, our company maintains vast knowledge of this special field. If you have time, please browse through some of our pages on this website about overseas moving, as they might be useful for the future.

Here are some facts about moving within Japan.

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