Moving to Vancouver, Canada

About Vancouver, Canada

Located on Canada’s Pacific Coast, Vancouver is a top destination for visitors from overseas and for those looking to relocate. Vancouver is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and is a famous coastal city with a lot of attractions. It is a cosmopolitan city but you only have to drive a short distance to get to some magnificent national park scenery.

If you are moving from Japan to Canada, you will be impressed by the breathe-taking nature surrounding the city.

Vancouver is famous for its landscapes and outdoor lifestyle. You can relax on a beach or go out whale watching off Vancouver Island. It is also a popular fishing location, especially for Pacific salmon. In Vancouver you’ll find great places to live from a chic city apartment to condos and family homes. There is an excellent education system here too with international schools as well as good colleges and universities. Some of the best hospitals in the world are located in Vancouver. And you’ll find a superb transportation system here too as well as plenty of places to hike. The parks are excellent and include spaces to cycle, walk, or simply relax. Try Stanley Park or Queen Elizabeth Park for some beautiful places to go. In Vancouver there are some excellent shopping centres too and some of the best include Oakridge Mall and Park Royal. There are great restaurants all over town with international and local specialties. The seafood is particularly good. Vancouver has lots of excellent museums and galleries which are a great way to spend a day. This is a very friendly laid back city with a warm welcome for visitors from abroad. It is one of the top cities to live in the world today and anyone wanting to move there will find so many opportunities. Vancouver’s location means it has the best of both worlds, from a metropolitan environment to some of the most spectacular countryside in the world.

Excluding the state of Alaska in the USA, Vancouver, Canada is actually the closest North American port city from Japan. When you travel, flight time from Japan to Vancouver Airport is approximately 9 hours and this is shorter than the flight time to any other US or Canadian city.

Located on the Pacific Coast, Vancouver is one of the most popular overseas shipping destinations in North America. There is a large Asian population in this international city and a certain percentage of people have actually moved from Asian countries such Japan, Korea and China. In addition, there are people who moved from Europe, Central and South America.

Why Move to Vancouver, Canada?

The fresh air, the smell of the sea, the upbeat nature in which everyone seems to walk around here. Vancouver, a busy metropolis on the ocean.

Moving to Vancouver, Canada has always been a popular choice for much of the Asian community who have travelled East over the years but this was mostly for employment reasons. Today, we see it continue to be one of the most popular destinations for workers and holiday makers alike but why move to Vancouver, Canada?

The Scene

Not many Cities around the world can boast a unique scenery like Vancouver.

In many ways the tall buildings seem to compliment the skyline while the ocean reflects the sound of a bustling city. The fusion of culture is evident at every turn, with Chinese restaurants and Thai massage studios, Mexican fast food and all American diners. There is an endless amount of shopping districts to go with the eatery options and there are as many bars, as the cafe's that line the streets.

Vancouver is a mix of everything you would want it to be and it's no wonder many famous people choose to call it their home.

Nature Everywhere

As if the waves rolling in to the city wasn't enough, just a short ride away you can see Whistler and the many ski slopes on the beautiful Rocky Mountains. If you live in Van, you are always in reach of adventure.

The mountains are a popular choice of course but then you have Victoria Island, full of grizzly bears and unrelenting nature. The West Coast Trail is the beginning of one of the most spectacular hiking trails on the planet and when the sun comes to town, the coastline is a haven for kayakers and sailing enthusiasts.

There is simply no end to options and variety when it comes to the outdoors which makes moving to Vancouver an irresistible thought.

Entertainment Capital

It's the entertainment Capital of Western Canada. Vancouver have one of the most popular Hockey teams in the Country (The Canucks), one of the most successful soccer teams and a reputation for playing host to any visiting entertainment from around the world.

Rock stars U2 decided to open their shows in Vancouver last May and it has since played host to many other bands on the world stage.

Make no mistake, Vancouver is always the centre of the party and you can be sure that no matter the weekend or day of the week, there is always something on.

Sure, the cost of living in Vancouver is higher than most parts of Canada and finding employment is likely to be a little more tricky than neighbouring Calgary but the challenge of “making it” in this amazing city on the West coast are definitely worth the risk.

There is literally no end to outdoor adventure in the area, there is always something interesting on in town regardless of the day of the week and when you can walk outside your house to watch the ocean creeping up on the city, you can be sure you made the right decision to move to Vancouver.

The Best Outdoor Escapes in Vancouver

Besides the fantastic array of restaurants and overall ambiance and international atmosphere of the city itself, there is one thing that continues to lure both visitors from overseas and locals in to Vancouver…and that’s the unmatched natural beauty of its outdoors. If you are looking for outdoor escapes and being one on one with nature, then consider heading to the following places after you have moved from Japan to Canada.

Kayak the Indian Arm

In need of a truly picturesque escape from all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Head to the glacial fjord of the Indian Arm where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful kayaking adventures you have yet to experience. Find yourself in a tranquil setting surrounded by mountains and maybe even some visits from the friendly harbour seals and the 79 different bird species of the area. You will never have an experience in Japan!

Hike the Sea to Sky Corridor

Stretching out over 100 kilo meters between Whistler and West Vancouver, the mountain ranges of the Sea to Sky Corridor are nothing short of ideal for hiking and trekking. It provides the perfect day hike for those who want to explore and discover all that the region has to offer while still being within close reach of the city.

Camp at Garibaldi Lake

Seen pictures of the turquoise lake but never actually gotten to experience it up close and personal? Well, there is no better time than now to head there and set up camp where you can enjoy hikes at nearby trails, swim or even fly fish. This is a fantastic option for those families of little ones who want a weekend getaway filled with both fun and relaxation.

Snowshoe the North Shore

Whether you have been a long time snowshoeing enthusiast or you are looking to begin, the North Shore offers a great area to do just that not only during the skiing season but throughout the entire year. So, put on your best snow gear and get ready to enjoy stunning views, great fun and endless exploration.