Moving from Japan to Toronto

Toronto, Canada - General Information

If you are thinking of moving from Japan to Canada, Toronto can be a very good choice as a moving destination.

One of Canada’s largest cities, Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario and a truly cosmopolitan place to live. The city is renowned for the famous CN Tower and has something happening all year round. It is famed for its green spaces too making it a beautiful place to walk, run and cycle. Toronto is a fabulous place to move to and live with all kinds of accommodation ranging from condos to sleek city apartments and family homes. There are many internationally recognized businesses and institutions in Toronto making it popular with people looking to move to a vibrant city.

In Toronto you’ll find some of the world’s best hospitals and universities. There are international schools as well as excellent colleges. And downtown you’ll discover all kinds of cuisines in the restaurant s and bars. There are concert halls and theaters too making it a real hub for cultural activities. Toronto has a city wide goal to reduce carbon emissions and there are innovative green schemes all over town. In summer you can enjoy some of the beautiful beaches along the shores of Lake Ontario and perhaps take in a few water sports. During winter there is skating, show shoeing and snowmobiling here and the ski slopes are just a short drive away. Toronto, Canada is a lively multicultural city and there are many different communities here, many of whom have formed Business Improvement Areas. With some excellent shopping malls there are lots of places to relax and enjoy the Canadian lifestyle. There are several innovative museums in Toronto and kids will enjoy the zoo and parks. Toronto is also well connected to other Canadian cities, making it a great base to see the country. For a great lifestyle and the chance to live somewhere really special, think of moving to Toronto, Canada.

Moving to Toronto, Canada

Thinking about moving to Toronto, Canada? Several Million can't be wrong!

Ontario's favourite hub has a population of 2.6 Million and it's easy to understand why many people refer to the city as a “small version of New York” but really, there is no point in talking about any of the downsides because Toronto has so much more to offer in terms of a full-filling lifestyle, than its noisy American neighbour.

Big City - Small Town Feel

Well it may not be a small town but compared to many major cities around the world, Toronto makes you feel a lot more personable. The people are friendly, the city is easy to get around and in general, it just seems to have everything you would need in a big city, without actually feeling like one.

Many locals choose to avoid living downtown, not just to save on rent but also because it allows them to escape to the many leafy green suburbs which surround the city. It really is unique in this sense and most Cities are completely void of such areas.

Living in Toronto allows you to experience a big city, while still being able to escape to the quiet.

Flight & Airport Hub

Toronto is a flight hub to a huge number of commercial aircraft which not only make it convenient but also cheap, to fly to different destinations. Whether you are on a week’s vacation or even just a weekend break, a short flight to New York or a little further to exotic places like Cuba are always possible when you are living in the gateway to so many parts of the world.

Multicultural Welcome

There are huge European, Asian and Indian communities which make up the most part of the Toronto population.

This is always a hugely important factor as it can be quite intimidating travelling to another part of the world but in this case, the multicultural make-up of the City, make moving to Toronto a lot easier than many other destinations.

Employment Opportunities

Ever since the Irish and Europeans trekked North to help build the foundations of Toronto, the city has had a very prosperous working environment. There are all manner of financial sector jobs along with Insurance and Health but the trade industry is still largely important.

Regardless of experience or trade however, there always seems to be employment in Toronto and this can always be half the battle when moving to another Country.

Attractions Galore

Not only is Toronto a flight hub for many interesting places, it is also surrounded by attractions.

The incredible Niagara Falls is only one hour drive from the city and so too is Algonquin park which is an extremely beautiful wilderness area to the North. All of this without mentioning the Great Lake; Toronto is situated right on top of Lake Ontario which is just as much a glorious site on a wild Winters day, as it is in the Summer when the sun is shining.

2.6 Million people can't be wrong, there are so many advantages to living in Toronto that it makes talking about the downsides seem pointless.

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