Moving to Halifax from Japan

Shipping to Halifax

Japan Luggage Express offers shipping services from Japan to Canada and Halifax is one of the destinations we serve. Although service by air is presently not available to Halifax, service by sea is available. Not so many people move from Japan to Halifax compared with Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal, however, every year there is steady number of people who ship to this destination.

When moving from Japan to Canada, it is important to be aware that only door-to-port service is available. While this means that each shipper is responsible for custom-clearing the shipment by going to the Canadian customs in person, it is something what our majority of clients would do no matter where the shipping destination is since this would save you significant amount of money than hiring a local customs broker to customs clear your shipment on behalf of the shipper. Canadian customs is normally friendly and it would not take too much time for the shipment to be cleared. Nowadays every country is trying to protect its land from any harmful insects and germs from abroad and Canada is no exception. When you ship your personal belongings, you would normally use cardboard boxes, however, if you use any wooden boxes, make sure that you use wooden materials that meet international quarantine standards or plywood. The documents that are required at the time of customs clearance in Canada is your packing list which you have prepared while you were in Japan and sent us a copy and the declaration form for Canadian customs.

When you move to Canada yourself, flight attendants normally give you a declaration form to fill out. You fill out this declaration form for unaccompanied personal belongings, show it to the customs officer when you arrive at the destination international airport in Canada, get a stamp of confirmation and bring it to the customs office when you custom clear the shipment. As you can see in the comments by our Canadian customers in our testimonial page, customs clearance on the Canadian side is relatively easy especially for returning residents.

Moving To Halifax

It might not be the most obvious choice but moving to Halifax could be the best decision you will make all year.

The city is known for its maritime history but with a major business centre and a healthy dose of culture, Halifax is most definitely a prosperous destination to relocate.


Originally built around a large hilltop fort, Halifax was a great trading port for privateers which evolved and grew over the decades to become one of the largest cities in Eastern Canada.

Although it was a little slow to develop in comparison with the rest of the Western world, the maritime industry around which it revolves, has made it a hub of employment opportunities for experienced fisherman or those looking to begin a hard earned apprenticeship.

Today the majority of the population is based centrally in the urban area around Halifax harbour but if you are hoping to stay on the low side in terms of accommodation costs, then it might be worth checking out the rural neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city.

There are many reminders of the Victorian past within the architecture of the city but in general, it is a modern city with skyscrapers and high quality transport so in reality, whether you settle downtown or on the outskirts is merely a matter of preference or budget.


As mentioned above, the city has a long history in terms of being a maritime industry but mining, forestry and natural gas have also prospered until recent years.

Naturally, this suggests a requirement for skilled workers to apply their trade but as with any labour intensive industry, it also means there is a large demand for workers with no skill or experience.

However, there is much more to the city in terms of finding work as can be seen in the fact that Halifax is also a major commercial, business and private sector economy. Whether it is within banking, insurance or any office related environment, the city is now a paradise for the job seeker with an endless number of options and opportunities.


Research and study has always pointed out the benefits of living near the ocean or rural areas. The air is cleaner, there is less congestion and a larger number of outdoor activities.

Halifax is a great example in Eastern Canada of an area who thrives when it comes to the outdoors and staying active which is in no small way thanks to their projects relating to “green space”. Not only are there countless opportunities nearby which offer wilderness or rural experiences, but in the city itself there are more public parks than most other Cities across the Country.

The cost of living is average, the standard of accommodation is high and the facilities throughout Halifax are on a par with every other modern part of Canada.

Why Move to Halifax?

With such a reasonable cost of living, an endless amount of job opportunities and such a healthy quality lifestyle, it is no wonder that many people choose this maritime region as the best place to move in Canada.

Halifax has culture and history but even if we just keep the basic necessities in mind when moving abroad, it has everything else you will need too.

It is possible that not many international moving companies in Japan offer services to Halifax but we do have years of experience in shipping to Canada and that includes Halifax. Therefore, if you are looking for an overseas moving company for your personal effects shipment, then contact us and see what sort of prices you are looking at.