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Welcome to the home page of Japan Luggage Express Ltd. We are an international moving company and freight forwarder offering premium shipping services to individuals moving overseas, corporates, government institutions and embassies.
Japan Luggage Express was founded in Tokyo in 1995. With a reputation of premier services, competitive rates and expert knowledge on international moving and customs brokerage, we have quickly grown to be one of the most well-known international shipping companies in Japan.
Our goal is to provide innovative and economical expert shipping services meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our services even further.

What makes our business unique?

If you see our testimonial page, you will know the answer to this question: client-centered and personal service. Our fees are reasonable and many people choose our company for this reason. However, by reading the testimonials that our customers send to us, you will notice-and we, too, have realized-that it is actually personal service that our customers appreciate most.

We have handled more than 10,000 shipments since the company was established in 1995. This equals an average of well more than 400 shipments per year. This number is quite large for an international moving company in Japan. The reason we have been so successful is that we are willing to handle even small shipments in which other companies are not interested because of the low profit. We focus on packed-by-owner-style and door-to-port (terminal) shipments. Door-to-door service and moving services including packing services, are quite profitable for movers; however, this inevitably means that clients spend a lot of money for their move. We always think (and do business) in terms of what is truly beneficial for our customers.

We are a company that specializes in delivery. “Delivery” means to bring and hand over something to the proper recipient. In other words, it means to bring the right thing to the right recipient. We believe that our mission is not only to deliver packages, but to also deliver the right service to the right person. We understand that people who need our services (i.e., who crave/try hard to find services like ours) are out there, and it is our mission to deliver our services to them as well!

Company Profile

Company Name: Japan Luggage Express Ltd.
Managing Director: Yasu Shimizu

Toll Free Number: 0120-48-0081

1-7-10 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051, Japan
Tel: 03-5413-7514 Fax: 03-5413-7320

3-15-2 Akehara, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken 277-0843, Japan
Tel: 04-71-48-0081 Fax: 04-7147-4430

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