Shipping from Japan to Fort Worth, USA

Fort Worth and Japan

Perhaps for most Japanese people who have not been to the USA, the name of Fort Worth may not sound familiar. However, if you are someone who have travelled to the USA, perhaps you would recognize the name of the city especially if you travelled through Texas by air. In addition, if you travel to the Southern states such as Georgia, Alabama or Florida, the chance are that you travel with American Airlines and in such cases you fly via Dallas, Texas. The major airport in Dallas is actually in Fort Worth, therefore the airport is called Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Japan Luggage Express offers the services of moving from Japan to America by air and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is one of the destinations we serve.

There are so many options

America has provided so much opportunities not just for native citizens but also for immigrants that is pouring into this country in their thousands every year. The question now is which city will be the best as far as opportunities as well as a well-balanced family life is concerned. The USA does not only revolve around the large cities such as Washington DC, New York, Las Vegas, Denver and Dallas. There is also several other very interesting opportunities such as Fort Worth in Texas. This area has an extraordinary history and the Fort Worth area is very much a part of the history of the entire Texan frontier. It started its earliest days as a mere outpost and it acted mostly as a barrier against threats from Native Americans. Eventually it started to make a name for itself as a prosperous cattle town but currently this area is a well-established corporate center. Today it has all the trappings of modern civilization but fortunately a lot of its heritage has been preserved in the modern culture of the city.

History of Fort Worth

The entire area was once the tribal land of the Native Americans but a treaty was signed between the Republic of Texas and several tribes of Native Americans in 1843. The city of Fort Worth is still known as the place where the West begins. US Army general William J. Worth, a well-known veteran of the Mexican American war suggested in 1849 that 10 forts were to be constructed to protect the West Texan frontier. Although he died in 1849 from cholera the city was named after him. Native Americans remained a threat for many years as could be expected because this was their traditional territory. Some of the earliest settlers in the area include George Terrell, Ephraim Daggett, Howard Peak and Ed Terrell. In 1853 a new line of forts was constructed further to the west and Fort Worth was evacuated by the Army. The settlers eventually decided to take possession of the entire area where the fort was constructed. In 1854 a school was opened by a man with the name of John Peter Smith. Several other developments followed over the years but the city continued to grow and expand.

The source of all US currency

US paper currency is only printed in two places, namely Washington DC and Fort Worth. Literally billions of notes is produced at Fort Worth annually and all of them have a tiny FW on the front. It is possible to go on a tour through these premises to observe firsthand the production process and for those who are interested a lot could be learned about anti-counterfeiting especially things such as color and watermarks which is used on US currency. Fort Worth has a well-established cultural District which includes no less than four world class museums. There is even Sundance square which is named after the Sundance kid who used this town as a hideout place between robberies. The rodeos which takes place at Cowtown Coliseum is taken very seriously and contest take place between serious contender of which some is even ranked on the national contender list and they compete in open rodeos which takes place every single weekend. There can be no doubt that Fort Worth Texas has a lot to offer to people coming there.

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