Moving from Japan to San Francisco

Moving from Japan to San Francisco, USA

If you are moving from Japan to the USA and your moving destination is San Francisco, on the western coast of the USA, it would be surely going to be a very happening and happy stay! This city of the United States is blessed with the awesome weather conditions, with some breathtaking views and different events taking place round the year.

Moving to the USA, a new place, a new country would definitely seem challenging initially, but gradually you would fall in love with this city. Just like in Japan, the rent and cost of living in San Francisco is definitely high, but as you settle in you might look for reasons to not love this American city.

This world famous US city of San Francisco has various events going through round the year. The Union Square is one of the most happening places in this city where you can go for some high end shopping, enjoy good food and enjoy various seasonal events.

Moving from Japan to San Francisco will create different travel opportunities if you like to see and cherish different places in the city and nearby. While staying in San Francisco, you can visit the Golden Gate Bridge. This world famous suspension bridge is three mile long and one mile wide. It is one of the iconic places to visit while in California, USA. This bridge can be also crossed on foot and bike while admiring the amazing beauty of the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay. Beautiful and moving views of the bridge can be also enjoyed on a clear day from spots like Marine Headlands and Baker’s Bridge.

After you start living here, you might like to visit the busy and happening Fisherman’s Wharf. This San Fran neighborhood attracts tourists from all over the world including the ones from Japan. If you are visiting this place, do not forget to try the various restaurants on the wharf, especially the fresh seafood ones!

Alcatraz is located about 1.5 miles from the city of San Francisco. You have to book tour boats to visit this infamous island that houses a prison where the most notorious criminals were once kept.

There is always the beautiful Golden Gate Park, if you would like to take in fresh air and enjoy some nature. The public grounds remain open 24 hours a day. There are various attractions in this park like the Golden Gate Aquarium, Windmills and Tulip garden, Japanese Tea Garden, Academy of Sciences and Conservatory of Flowers to check out.

After moving to the USA, and living in San Francisco, you may not want to miss the cable car rides. This cable car system is the last manually operated one left in the world and nothing like this can be seen in Japan or anywhere in the world. The cable cars can be used one of the useful transports in the city at the same time many international tourists come to ride these cars just to experience the ride.

There is so much to see and do in San Francisco that you are surely going to like it after moving in especially if you are moving in from another country like Japan. Besides the different tourist attractions, this city is also a heaven for foodies. So many different types of cuisines are available here. If you want to see beyond of San Fran and explore then there is Mount Shasta, Napa Valley, Lake Tahoe and various national parks of California that can be easily visited from San Francisco City.

If you are contemplating moving from Japan to San Francisco, CA, USA, then pat yourself on the back for a choosing a great destination for relocation. San Francisco is one of the most desirable places in the world to live. It could also be one of the smartest moves that you could make literally, because the area is renown for being the most intelligent community in the entire world. Perhaps something to do with the world class universities and Silicon valley nearby. Therefore, if sharing a zip code with the Zuckerbergs and other geniuses of this world appeals to you, then there's no better place in the globe.

Among all the U.S. cities, San Francisco is definitely one of the most popular international shipping destinations from Japan. In fact in addition to people moving back to the US from Japan, many Japanese people move to this beautiful cosmopolitan city to study abroad, to work for some company or relocate with their spouse and children to live there for years. Since the city has an international atmosphere influenced by both American and Asian culture and there are many people from Asia residing in the area, San Francisco definitely is an ideal place to move in to for people from Japan. Only a handful people from Japan experience international relocation. If an international move from Japan is a lucky experience, then people moving to San Francisco will perhaps be the luckiest people.Good luck on your international move from Japan to this beautiful city in the United States!