Moving from Japan to Las Vegas

Shipping to Las Vegas

Las Vegas definitely is one of the most-well known cities in USA among Japanese.
If you are relocating to the USA or moving back to the USA and your shipping destination is Las Vegas, we can help. We offer the services of moving from Japan to America and if your shipping destination is Las Vegas, services of both sea and air are available. Having said that service by sea is available, shipping to Las Vegas is a little different from shipping to other major cities in USA. The minimum requirement for sea shipments are 3 cubic meters while the minimum requirements for most of the destinations in USA or in the world are one cubic meter if you are shipping by sea.

Moving to Las Vegas & managing expectations

The nightlife of Las Vegas needs little introduction and it always delivers the tourist with more than their expectations; the Casino's, fancy hotels, VIP clubs and limousines. But what about living there? What about moving to Las Vegas? Does Vegas live up to the expectations of those who move there?

It may not jump out at anyone for being the best place in the USA to relocate but with the Vegas economy growing at such an unprecedented rate, it would now seem that this resort town is definitely one to consider if you can stick the heat.

With this in mind, there are a few points one needs to consider before moving to Vegas in order to keep your expectations in line with reality;

1.The weather is hot, always.

This should go without saying but the heat in Vegas is quite relentless. Situated in the middle of the Mojave Desert in Nevada, to sleep in a room without air conditioning would be pointless and to go for a leisurely stroll around outside in the morning would be uncomfortable.

Las Vegas is known for many things and full of attractions but sadly, the crippling heat makes an outdoor lifestyle difficult and it's best to know before arrival that most of your time spent comfortably, is done so indoors.

2.There are jobs, 24 hour jobs.

There are employment opportunities in Vegas but needless to say, the majority of these jobs are in the hospitality industry. Yes there are stores in Vegas and some offices too but in reality, these positions are so highly sought after that they are very difficult to obtain.

The hotel and Casino industry pays well but it can be an exhausting industry to be part of day and night. Especially Vegas where standards are higher and the pace is faster. You will need to adapt to these standards and pace but also, to the highly inconvenient times at which you will be required to work.

Las Vegas is ongoing 24 hours which means, so are you.

3.You will not be living in the MGM Grand.

Unless you are already quite well off or wealthy, having a swimming pool may not be realistic when you first arrive.

In fact, it might be worth managing your expectations prior to moving to Vegas by checking out the accommodation options on offer. The majority of these are outside of the Vegas centre and far from the 4 mile hub for which it is so famous.

It won't be of a very low standard but don't expect to be residing in anything remotely like the standard of the hotel you are working in.

4.There is a reason people want to go to Vegas and why they will also want to leave.

Imagine a party that lasted forever, loud music, screaming and dancing constantly. This is what you will be surrounded for much of your time in Vegas. While it may sound like fun (which it is), it can also be exhausting for the workers who live surrounded by this lifestyle day in, day out.

You need to be aware that the nightlife of Vegas will become normal after a while and that it may in fact be something you wish to avoid the longer you stay there.

The purpose of this brief article is not to turn anyone off arriving in Vegas but simply to make sure that when you arrive in this party town in the middle of the desert that you have a realistic expectations as to what it will be like to live there.

Chances are, if you are still reading this article, then Vegas could very well be for you.