Moving from Japan to Chicago

Shipping to Chicago from Japan

Although cities on the West Coast such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle may be more popular, Chicago is definitely one of the most popular and important destinations when it comes to international moving from Japan to the USA. The state of Illinois is considered as one of the landlocked U.S. states as its territorial boundaries do not not touch the sea, however, it is on the shore of Lake Michigan. When you are shipping internationally from Japan to Chicago by ocean, using the services of international movers in Japan like us the shipment will arrive at the port of Los Angeles first and then it will be forwarded to the terminal in Chicago area by truck or rail. You can custom clear your shipment in Chicago even though the shipment goes via California.If you are shipping by ocean, shipping time from Japan to Chicago is over a month or so provided that there is no particular delay and all shipping documents are given to us on time.

About the city

Chicago is the third largest city in the U.S. and is home to nearly 3 million people. Situated on Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois, the city is known for its impressive skyline, which includes a number of famous skyscrapers like the John Hancock Center and the Tribune Tower. The cultural center of the mid-western United States, Chicago is home to the world-famous Art Institute museum and has more than 550 parks within its borders. Chicago is also known for its professional sports teams, which include Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox baseball teams, the Chicago Bulls basketball team, the Chicago Bears football team and the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

Getting Around in Chicago

If you'll be visiting Chicago or moving there and plan to live within its borders rather than in the suburbs, you can easily navigate the city without having to own an automobile. The city is accessible by the Chicago Transit Authority or CTA system of elevated trains and buses, which you can pay for by the ride or with a pass. Chicago is bike friendly with lanes on streets reserved for cyclists, and there are bike sharing programs in the city that allow you to rent bicycles for daily or extended use.

Industries in Chicago

Chicago is the largest center for commerce and industry in the Midwest United States. Finance employs a large number of people, as the Federal Reserve Bank and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange are both headquartered here. Other major industries in Chicago include manufacturing, publishing and food processing. More than 400 major corporations have their headquarters in Chicago. Some of these companies include Archer Daniels Midland, Boeing, Walgreens, Health Care Service Corp, Sears Holdings, Allstate, McDonalds, Excelon Corp, US Foods, Kraft Foods and Abbott Laboratories.

Weather in Chicago

Chicago has four distinct seasons with July being the warmest month of the year and January being the coldest. During the winter time, the city receives an average of 94 centimeters of snow. Winter temperatures can fluctuate dramatically, getting as cold as -2 degrees Celsius during the day and -10 degrees Celsius at night. Summer is hot and humid with daily average temperatures of around 26 to 33 degrees Celsius. Summer nights are cooler at an average of 18 degrees Celsius. Severe thunderstorms are not uncommon in the city, particularly in August, which is typically the wettest month of the year. Chicago is sometimes called the Windy City as wind speeds are often high throughout the year.

Food and Shopping in Chicago

As you would expect in a large city in the cultural melting pot that is the United States, Chicago offers a wealth of places to eat, drink and shop. The city is particularly well-known for their deep dish pizza and for the Chicago hot dog, a frankfurter served on a poppy seed bun with yellow mustard, tomatoes, chopped onions, relish, a pickle spear, hot peppers and a dash of celery salt. The Magnificent Mile, a section of Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago, is a popular place for shopping and is home to many well-known retailers.

International Moving Company from Japan to Chicago, USA

While most of our clients who use our international moving services from Japan to the USA are US American people going home, for Japanese people or people from elsewhere in the world other than America, there are in fact a number of reasons to relocate from Japan to the U.S. Whether the moving destination city is Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, or New York, the reasons can be studying abroad at some university, working for a company, getting married, or to live at spouses’ homes in the USA.

Whatever the reason for the moving to America is and whether you are from the U.S.A. and returning home or you are emigrating there, we can help you with shipping your personal effects there. JLE have been moving personal goods from Japan to the U.S. for 22 years and our goal is to facilitate the process of shipping and to offer competitive prices as well as offering customer services in English.

Our customer service starts with providing you with some useful information regarding international shipping, our charges and explaining the moving process. In doing so you will also find resources for preparing shipping documents, packaging and other requirements to customs clear and move your goods out of Japan. So if you have started looking for an economical and reliable way to move your personal goods to the U.S. from Japan, contact us and we can start with providing useful information.